‘I’m fed up of having to take photos of my wife when we’re on holiday’

A fed up partner claimed they were sick of having to take photos of their "gorgeous" wife when on holiday.

We've all seen 'influencer boyfriends' bending into contortions to take the best snap of their love.

Plus, some of us may have felt put upon when we're asked to take another selfie when we're trying to relax.

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Well, one long suffering partner has opened up about the frustration they feel with their wife of a year.

They claim that she calls on them to take "multiple photos" of her frequently when on a trip – something which they have "absolute disdain" for.

On Reddit, they said: "Here’s how it typically plays out: we visit a new place, she immediately asks me to take her picture…

"I oblige, but then she berates me if the picture is 'ugly' or if she thinks I made little attempt to take a good picture.

"So then I have to take another photo. She reviews, and the process repeats until she’s satisfied."

We can see why they'd find the situation draining especially if they're blamed for the resulting snaps.

"Personally, I’ve never been big on taking photos while on vacation, and I have not travelled a lot internationally," the photo-taker continued.

"I like to be in the moment, take in the whole sight, and get lost in my thoughts.

"However, I feel like I have to interrupt this experience multiple times to take her pictures, or get into a selfie with her, then I lose out on the experience because all of a sudden a photo takes precedence.

"In the past, I’ve snapped a quick picture with little effort, to get back to what I was there to do: experience something new.

"After getting called out multiple times for my low effort, I now attempt to take a good picture or at least listen to her instructions so that I get the picture to her liking.

"But recently, she’s called my pictures ugly even when I’ve made an attempt to take 'good' photos.

"This results in me taking dozens of pictures in the same place, of the same person, with the same backdrop, until she is satisfied or until I lose patience and tell her I’m done."

They added that they had never needed a "reminder" that their wife is "naturally gorgeous", describing the whole situation as "stupid".

He added that he was posting from Italy, where he and his wife were awkwardly sitting silently in their hotel room "because I objected to her twentieth-something selfie in front of the Colosseum".

Hundreds of people replied to the post with their advice, commiserations and sympathy.

"Buy your wife a selfie stick," one person said. "Maybe she'll think it's a passive aggressive gift but maybe it will actually be practical for your situation."

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A second advised the person to invest in a carbon fibre tripod that is easy to carry around and will allow the wife to position the photograph as she pleases.

"Take as many pics as possible, don't only take one and let her review," they added.

"Take lots and let her slowly review while you use that time to look around.

"I have experienced it all, from screaming at each other at the top of Trolltunga because her face is too blurry, to standing for 30 minutes in the scorching sun in Greece to get the perfect shot.

"The tripod was definitely worth the investment."

Others thought they should just get on with it.

One such person wrote: "Maybe try taking the darn picture with a bit of enthusiasm, because one day, you will wake up and your wife will hate you because she feels like you don’t care about her and don’t appreciate her.

"When you ask her when it started, she will pinpoint the day you were a jerk and didn’t want to take her photo on vacation in Italy.

"That will be the day she fell out of love with you."

It's not the first time a problem has arisen from someone taking photos on holiday.

One influencer was deported from Indonesia after taking a naked photo by a sacred tree in Bali.

The nation has since announced they will be giving out guides to local laws and customs to tourists.

Plus, people begged another influencer to stop flashing her bare bum on a family-friendly ski slope for snaps.


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