‘I worked ski season and chalet girls served luxury guests stock cubes as meals’
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    A young woman who worked as a ski instructor when she was just 18 has revealed what the staff get up to behind doors.

    The anonymous ski bunny spent a season at a snowy resort in France during her gap year.

    She claims it was one of the best experiences of her life – and plans to do another season soon.

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    However, not everyone who spends the winter in the mountains is as adept at their job as the ski instructor.

    She claims some of the chalet girls – young women who cook and clean the chalets for guests – weren’t quite as advanced as others.

    In fact, she claims the meals they served their wealthy clients wasn’t always high cuisine.

    The ski instructor told Daily Star: “One of my friends was a chalet host.

    “For context, she was an awful cook, and one evening she didn’t make enough soup for her guests so literally placed a stock cube in some hot water and served it.

    “Bearing in mind some guests would have paid thousands to stay in these chalets!”

    She also noted that the staff got up to cheeky antics while working the slopes.

    The ski instructor said: “There was always this urban myth of people having sex in the gondolas…”

    However, it seems like working a season could be incredible fun.

    She noted: “Its a totally different experience than a holiday, on a season the resort becomes your home, you have to go food shopping each week, learn to budget, visit the doctors.

    “You also don't eat out every day on the mountain, like you would imagine you do on a holiday.

    “I loved learning all about the resort not just as a place for tourists but for the people who live their all year round.

    “Also having the mountain practically to yourself in the off-periods whilst everyone is at school or workings, is pretty magical. “

    The young woman added: “Its a totally different experience than a holiday, on a season the resort becomes your home."


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