Hotel expert explains why guests should never steal bathrobes

Fluffy bathrobes and luxurious towels are part and parcel of staying in a fabulous hotel.

And while most of us can revel in Egyptian cotton for the weekend and leave happy and refreshed, others try and take advantage of hotel offerings.

While it's common sense and pure decency to not take hotel bathrobes, towels and anything else that can be re-used from a hotel room, people do still do it.

Aside from the possibility of the thefts being reported to the police, a hotel expert has explained the impact this has on staff and fellow travellers.

Spa and Hotel Relations Expert at SpaSeekers, Pav Klair, explained why you should never steal the bathrobes.

“Never steal the bathrobes or break anything in the room and don’t inform us – we remember your name and we’re more wary of you the next time you decide to stay at the hotel," he explained to

He added: "Not only is it an extremely long process for us to discover these problems but it also means that another customer could potentially walk into the room and be unhappy with the service because of unsuspecting broken or missing item(s).

"Therefore, it can cause us a lot of issues and we’re less inclined to give those people special treatment if they were to return to the hotel."

Many hotels can also charge these stolen items to customers' credits cards and or blacklist them from staying again.

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