Horoscope 2023 ‘Where to holiday’ for each sign

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Holidu, a rental property search engine, has found the ideal holiday destination for each star sign. A spokesperson said: “Let the stars decide your next getaway”.

Gemini – Melbourne, Australia

“Those born under the sign of the Twins are sociable and bubbly, enjoying engaging with multiple friendships, acquaintances and people they met once in a bar.”

Melbourne has a high population density and Geminis are “bound to find someone to befriend”.

Aries – London, UK

“Those born under the sign of the Ram are active beings who find themselves getting bored quickly and can find their attention wandering easily if they’re not entertained.”

London has over 2,000 ‘things to do’ rated 5* on Tripadvisor, making it a great spot for an easily bored Aries.

Taurus – New York, USA

“Those born under the sign of the Bull are said to be the biggest foodies out of all of the zodiacs, enjoying a mix of high-quality food and eating for comfort.”

New York has an incredible number of Michelin-Guide restaurants, with 19 eateries gaining stars in the last year alone.

Leo – Bangkok, Thailand

“Those born under the sign of the Lion are not ruled by a planet but instead by the sun, so it’s unsurprising that this sign prefers the heat over the cold.”

Bangkok has an average temperature of almost 29 degrees, making it the perfect destination for sun worshipping Leos.

Scorpio – Reykjavik, Iceland

“Those born under the sign of the Scorpion enjoy discovering unusual destinations and experiencing one-off places.”

Reykjavik has some of the lowest TikTok views of any destination making it the perfect unspoilt choice for Scorpios.

Capricorn- Beijing, China

“Those born under the sign of the Sea-Goat value history and time, and have a more classic approach to the world.”

Beijing is home to six UNESCO sites including the Great Wall, Forbidden City and the Summer Palace.

Aquarius – Tokyo, Japan

“Those born under the sign of the Water-Bearer tend to be original and a little bit quirky, and it’s not uncommon for them to embrace their creativity and uniqueness.”

Tokyo is home to the most art galleries, with an incredible 500 sites for Aquarius signs to explore their creative side.

Libra- London, UK

“Those born under the sign of the Scales are said to be elegant beings and appreciate the beauty of life.”

London’s blend of historical buildings and Instagram-worthy sites make it ideal for beauty loving Libras.

Cancer – Winterthur, Switzerland

“Those born under the sign of the Crab are, like Leo’s, unique as they are not ruled by a planet are instead ruled by the moon.”

Winterthur has one of the lowest levels of pollution in the world, making it the perfect spot for Cancers to explore the skies without light pollution.

Virgo – Hannover, Germany

“Those born under the sign of the Virgin are said to have an appreciation of organisation and structure is important to them.”

Hannover has one of the lowest levels in traffic in Europe, which is bound to appeal to Virgo signs efficient side.

Sagittarius – Nepal

“Those born under the sign of the Archer are free-spirited and gregarious. They want a destination where they are free to go wild.”

Nepal has the world’s highest mountain and plenty of adventurous activities, perfect for thrill seeking Sagittarius signs to explore.

Pisces – Brazil

“Those born under the sign of the fish are true to their sign and seek out water when travelling.”

Brazil is home to the world’s largest river, one of the most incredible rainforests and a stunning coastline and is sure to keep Pisces signs close to the water.

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