Suitcase packing tips: How to ‘pack for four weeks in a carry-on’ without incurring a fee

Hand luggage: Expert reveals what passengers can pack

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The concept of packing all of your belongings into hand luggage for more than one week may seem impossible to many people, but according to a Reddit user, it can be done. All it takes is a little bit of planning, some sacrifice and a clever folding method.

However, before you start to pack your cabin bag, it’s important you know what rules are in place for your airline.

The size of your hand luggage allowance varies from airline to airline, so before packing your bag the most important this is you are aware of any weight and size restrictions in place.

For example, passengers flying with British Airways are entitled to one handbag or laptop bag with a maximum weight of 23kg and measuring up to 40 x 30 x 15cm.

easyJet on the other hand only allows passengers “one small cabin bag per person on board for free”. This can be a maximum size of 45 x 36 x 20 cm and can weigh no more than 15kg.

How can you pack for ‘four weeks’ in a carry-on?

According to Reddit user Rockem_Sockem, the most important thing about travelling with just hand luggage is being “content with a capsule wardrobe”.

They said: “Prioritise and make some compromises. Mine was that my casual wardrobe would suffer slightly.

“Half of my trip was for an internship in a warm climate where I needed to dress business casual.”


They added: “The important thing is that you’re able to create an acceptable number of outfits from as few pieces as possible.”

To save space and weight, any toiletries can be purchased at your destination.

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The user recommended wearing layers of your “bulkiest items”, such as jumpers or coats, onboard the flight.

Booking a hotel or accommodation that has access to laundry facilities, or finding out where your nearest laundrette is, can help to keep clothing items fresh.

The user said: “If you are travelling for the holidays ship your gifts.”

In order to help travellers, the Reddit user also compiled a list of the exact garments they packed into their suitcase.

This included six work shirts, two pairs of trousers, an “appropriate quantity” of underwear, four undershirts, four gym shirts, six regular t-shirts, two pairs of shoes, one pair of sweat pants and two pairs of gym shorts.

Next comes the actual task of fitting these items into your size restricted bag.

Luckily, the user also shared a savvy insight into exactly how they folded everything.

To begin, stack shirts “neatly with the shoulders at one edge of the bag.

Leave the sleeves and bottom half of shirts to hang out, then place folded trousers on top of the shirts.

The user notes these should be “snug against three sides of the bag and overlapping as little as possible in the middle.

Next, neatly put the shirt sleeves over the trousers, before pulling the bottom of the shirts up over the packed items.

Rockem_Sockem said: “I pulled them snug to the pants, which leaves a couple of inches of space available at one side of the bag.”

According to the user, a “crucial” space-saving tip is to put socks inside of shoes. Then, put underwear and t-shirts along the “long side of the bag”.

On the right-hand side, fold all t-shirts normally and then in half again. The user says this “allows for ideal layering options”.

Finally, add in the gym shoes and sweatpants at the very top before securing the bag.

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