Holidays: Simon Calder recommends ‘super green’ destination – ‘no testing or quarantine’

Ireland: Simon Calder on 'super green' travel rules

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The traffic light list for travel has undergone a series of rapid changes in recent months, with Britons holidaying in “green” destinations suddenly facing a race against the clock to beat new restrictions. However, according to travel expert Simon Calder, there is one destination that has been “super green” throughout the pandemic.

Speaking on Sky News, Mr Calder revealed Ireland is the best bet for holidaymakers who want to sidestep both testing and quarantine.

“I’m heading back to Ireland because Ireland has been, from the UK point of view, super green all the way through.

“[There has been] no testing, no quarantine and actually some convenient falling in rates over the weekend.”

Mr Calder continues: “Actually, it’s the only country in the world that you or I can go to without testing or quarantine in either direction.”

From Monday 19, fully vaccinated Britons were welcomed back to visit Ireland without any restrictions.

However, those without a double vaccinated status will need a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of arrival.

Unvaccinated arrivals will also have to self isolate for a minimum of five days – if their second PCR test is negative.

This is provided by Ireland’s Health Service Executive.

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Travellers who test positive on their second PCR test will have to quarantine for 14 days.

At the time, Niall Gibbons, the CEO of Tourism Ireland, said: “We’re pleased to confirm this change in arrangements to welcome British visitors to Ireland from 19 July.”

Mr Calder stated: “If you’re lucky enough to have both jabs you go without fuss in either direction.

“I have noticed, though, that the weather in the Republic isn’t sometimes as sun-drenched has some parts of the Mediterranean, where of course people might want to go.”

For those hoping to travel further afield, the travel expert recommended some additional “top tips for the green list”.

He said: “I’m keeping a particular eye on a couple of Balkan destinations, Albania, and North Macedonia.

“They’re my top tips for the green list, although I can appreciate that people would prefer if maybe a big country with lots of connections with the UK, such as lovely Poland with its beautiful Baltic beaches, was put on the green list too.”

The next traffic light update is expected to occur on or around August 4.

So far, the Government has given no clear indication as to which, if any, countries will make it onto the green list.

However, there are reports that France could be removed from the amber plus list, and return to the amber list.

This would mean double-jabbed Britons could once again visit the country without the need to self-isolate.

Meanwhile, concerns are mounting that both Greece and Spain could be headed for the amber plus list as Covid cases surge.

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