Holidays chaos as UK airspace closes – leaving Brits stuck for hrs without food

Brits and tourists within the UK are devastated as all flights in and out of the UK have been delayed.

A massive "network-wide failure" of air traffic control systems has led to the outcome.

Some reports claim that major airports like Heathrow are "eerily quiet" as planes are unable to take off or land.

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On Twitter, knackered holidaymakers have been expressing their annoyance.

Hannah, @hannah_may21, wrote: "Four hours sleep after a two day festival and getting to the airport and our flights delayed is making me want to end it all…"

While Neil Greenough angrily tweeted Jet2 and noted: "Still stuck at Manchester, tried ringing your service desk put me on hold then cut me off, spoken with your staff at the airport who can't even tell me where the plane is, we were due to fly at 0800 hours, its now nearly 1pm."

That’s a delay of five hours and counting – but some seem to have it even worse.

Rebecca Pickard sent a tweet to Wizz Air and said: "Can someone please contact me regarding the delayed flight from Brasov to Luton. Plane to Brasov has been diverted to Bucharest, Brasov airport doesn’t even have a cafe and passengers are stuck with no information or food."

Cameron Cain said: "After cancelling our 7am flight to Amsterdam at Gatwick this morning, rebooking us for Heathrow at 3pm (we then made our own way there) and are we surprised but our flight is delayed to 10:15pm!" That's a whopping 15 hour delay.

Brits outside of the UK expecting to fly home have also been on social media expressing their confusion. Emma Dunham claimed that her flight from Mykonos in Greece had already been delayed from 7.20pm to 1.44am – a delay of six and a half hours.

Andy wrote: "Just seen a plane takeoff at Heathrow. But there is something going on as our flight has been delayed 8hrs. After being cancelled yesterday."

Meanwhile Michael Barnard added: "Daughter was just about to take off from Heathrow to JFK and her pilot just said same thing. All new flights on hold."

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Gabby Logan said: "On a plane on the runway at Budapest airport. After almost three weeks away from home I am hours from hugging my family.

"And have just been told UK airspace is shut. We could be here for 12 hours. So we sit on the plane and wait.”

Others claim their planes have been circling the runway, but others claim they’re seeing planes depart from the airport. Hannah Marsh noted: "Very glad to be on the tarmac at Heathrow, having just landed from Switzerland. My heart goes out to people less lucky."

Another poster said: "What’s wrong with London airports today? We are stuck in Istanbul due to radar issues + electric problems at Stansted airport which apparently is the same in Heathrow, Gatwick and Luton?!?!?!"

Megan Borton wrote: "What is going on with the 17:40 flight from Belfast to London Heathrow. My flight out was cancelled now saying major delays till tomorrow morning?" Another holidaymaker added: "Utterly frustrated by the abrupt flight cancellation due to technical glitches.

"My entire day's commitments lay in ruins, and the lack of communication and lounge facilities at the airport compounds the ordeal. Demand a swift resolution and compensation."

Not everyone is as bothered by the delays as a number of holidaymakers claim they've been allowed up to see the flight deck on their plane.

Jake Alex said: "The bad news is I’m stuck on the tarmac at Heathrow and could be for many minutes yet. The good news is that the pilot is inviting passengers to come and view the flight deck as the engines are switched off. Living the dreams of a nine-year old me."

Mick Jones added that his Rome to Heathrow flight was delayed by nine hours. However, not all planes have been cancelled it seems.

Airlines have issued warnings and are reportedly contacting holidaymakers as the issue unfolds.

Not every flight will necessarily be delayed or cancelled – so double check with your airline as your flight may go ahead.

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