Holiday hacks uncovered: When to book, travel, and how to avoid delays

Holiday hacks uncovered: The best days to book your trip, the cheapest days to travel, and how to avoid flight delays

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Travel feeds the soul. It shows us a different way of living and opens our horizons. 

And there’s only thing better than travelling the world: doing it at the best price possible! 

And while the internet is full of tips and tricks, only by delving deep into worldwide stats can you uncover the real secrets of smart travel.

Online travel agency Expedia has joined forces with the Airlines Reporting Corporation to reveal what the world’s travel data can tell us about how to secure the best prices, when to travel, and how to avoid those annoying flight cancellations.

Get out there and feed your soul: But do it cleverly, with these super smart tips from Expedia

With the rising cost of living combined with our reignited passion for travel and adventure in these post-pandemic days, it has become more important than ever to get the most for our money. 

So if you’re looking at how to travel more for less, here are five brilliant insights from Expedia’s Air Travel Hacks report:

Book on a Sunday

To get the most out of your trip, Sundays are the most important day of the week. On average, travellers who book flights on a Sunday rather than Friday save around 20 per cent domestically and 10 per cent internationally. So next Sunday, before catching up on chores or watching the football, get yourself a great travel deal.

Skip premium tickets

There are so many ticket options when booking flights, and those little upgrades can often be tempting when they pop up. Unfortunately, average ticket prices are increasing across the board, but the average premium ticket has increased by massive 60 per cent compared to 2021, while the average economy ticket has only increased by 25 per cent. So if you normally opt for an upgrade, now could be the time to stick with economy.

Fly early

When you’ve looked forward to your getaway for ages, you don’t want to be held up at the airport, so we’re all looking for ways to make sure we can take off on time. Limit the chances of your flight being delayed by booking a flight that departs before 11am, any day of the week. According to year-to-date flight status data, these morning flights are 11 per cent less likely to be cancelled.

Gorgeous getaway: When you’ve looked forward to your holiday for ages, you don’t want delays

Forget domestic flights on Fridays

While last year it was recommended to always fly on Fridays, the new data tells a different story. In the most recent findings, domestic fliers can save 20% on average by flying on a Sunday, while international travellers should book a Friday flight to save 15 per cent on average.

Travel in March

In March, the UK is often still shivering as it emerges from winter. So what better time to book a sunshine break? From Australia to the Canary Islands, the Caribbean to Sri Lanka, there are plenty of great places to visit at this time of year. And travellers flying in March are less likely to experience long delays, compared to an average delay of 184 minutes for July flights.

Save with Expedia

Looking for more ways to save? By signing up for a free member’s account with Expedia, you’ll already be eligible for a whole raft of great savings: members save an average of 15% on thousands of hotels.

You’ll also be rewarded for every booking they make through Expedia. Whether reserving flights, accommodations, car rentals or experiences, you’ll collect points that can be redeemed on your next booking. And the more you travel, the more you save, with the upper-rank members receiving free room upgrades, spa experiences, and other special rewards, subject to availability.

You can also save by booking through the Expedia app, securing average discounts of 15 per cent on thousands of hotels worldwide. As a member, you can also earn double points when booking on the app, helping you save even more money for future trips.

Plan the perfect holiday for less

As well as offering great deals on flights, you can also book your accommodation, car rental and even holiday activities through Expedia, as well as package trips with everything included.

By visiting the Activities page, you’ll find a tour of Venetian glass-blowing showrooms for as little as £8, can secure tickets to see Chicago on Broadway for just £73, or enjoy a three-course Parisian dinner while floating down the Seine for only £44*.

When it comes to accommodation, use the search filters to find hotels with the features that matter most to you, then keep an eye on prices from about 40 days before your trip. The sweet spot is about two to three weeks before, and remember many hotels offer free cancellation if you find a better deal later.

There are so many tricks to help you enjoy the holiday of a lifetime for the absolute best price

For car rentals, find the best prices by filtering for ‘Great Deals’. You can also save by opting for a mini, compact, or economy car. It’s much cheaper, and not every holiday needs a luxury car, no matter how much it makes you feel like James Bond when you roll up to the hotel.

Opting for a package holiday is a great way to keep control of your expenses, as everything is planned and paid for up front. Expedia allows you to combine your flights and accommodation with car rentals and more, or simply filter the best package holidays by destination and price.

Better to book late than never

By planning ahead for your 2023 travel and armed with the best travel insights from the world’s flight data, you can secure the best deals for your next holiday. But don’t forget to check Expedia’s Last Minute Deals page, too. 

You can search for trips this week or next, and save money on everything from romantic getaways in Rome to last-minute weekends in Las Vegas. Because the only thing better than travelling, is travelling for less!

*prices are per person, and were sourced on 6 October 2022 for use that day 

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