Travel insider says you should avoid booking flights on Thursdays

A self-proclaimed ‘travel hacker’ has shared his top tips to save you money when booking flights – including the days of the week you'll want to bookmark in your calendar. 

Yan, who posts on TikTok as @KingCredit has over 1million subscribers and calls himself the “CEO of Credit” and “travel hacking”.

He travels the world often flying in business or first class and hops from riding dune buggies in the desert to doing charity work in the Dominican Republic.

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Recently, Yan shared a clip detailing his top four travel hacks for saving money when booking flights.

Following his advice may just save you some cash on your next holiday – whether it’s in the half term, at Christmas or next summer.

Yan captioned the clip: “Four travel hacks 99% of people don’t know about that will save you $$$ on flights.”

He then showed himself sitting comfortably in business class.

According to the pro bargain hunter, the day you book your flights can make all the difference when it comes to finding deals. 

He explained: “Flights are cheaper Tuesday 12am through Wednesday 11pm, and more expensive Thursday 12am through Saturday 12pm.”

This is backed by travel expert Martin Jones who claims mid-week flights on Tuesdays and Wednesdays are often far cheaper than other days.

It wasn't the only travel tip that Yan shared. 

Yan’s second hack suggested altering your computer settings to bag a cheaper ticket when browsing. He suggested: “Always use ‘incognito’ mode when booking flights. Airlines auto-increase prices if they’ve seen you search for flights repeatedly.”

(Incognito mode can be accessed by clicking the three dots to the right of the URL bar.  You’ll see an option that lets you open ‘new incognito window’.) 

Yan’s third tip? “Know where to look. Skiplagged is a secret flight that lets you book layover flight legs as your destination saving you big time.”

You can find out more at

Finally, Yan recommended using a VPN when booking your flights.

VPNs – Virtual Private Networks – establish a connection to the internet while hiding your IP address and true location.

Yan noted: “Use a VPN from another country when booking flights to save big.”

The travel influencer claimed to use the ‘Nord’ VPN – though some commenters noted that this hack didn’t always yield results.

Yan’s video went viral with 3.9million views and over 150k likes.

In the comments, people praised the handy money-saving hacks.

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One person wrote: “Finally someone who actually tells us valuable and useable information! “

“Good to know,” added another.

A third said: “Thank you for dropping these gems!”

Have you tried any of these hacks? Tell us if they worked in the comments…


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