Henry Golding is the perfect travel partner in this exclusive clip from Welcome To Railworld Japan

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Thanks to the pandemic, going on a long vacation has become a distant dream for now. But don’t worry, Henry Golding is here to cure at least some of those blues with his travel show. In Welcome to Railworld Japan, the A Simple Favor and Last Christmas actor boards a train to roam around the country and explore the attractions, culture, and culinary delicacies of Japan in places like Tokyo, Chubu, Kyushu, and Okinawa. This concept isn’t new to Golding. The Malaysian-British star has worked as a co-presenter on BBC’s The Travel Show since 2014. In 2012, the actor traveled across his home country of Malaysia via train. Add his turn as Crazy Rich Asians breakout film star into the mix and he seems determined to take the world on a virtual trip to various parts of Asia.

This is also evident in this exclusive clip from Welcome To Railroad Japan, wherein Golding is in Hokkaido, the second-largest island in Japan. More specifically, he’s exploring the largest caldera lake in the country, Lake Kussharo. He goes into specifics of the location—obviously picturesque and breathtaking—including discussing the active hot springs before actually digging into sand. Hey, it looks more fun than it might sound and Golding sells the hell out of it.


All 10 episodes of Welcome To Railworld Japan are streaming on Ovation TV’s Journy.

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