Heated discussion erupts over eating smelly foods on plane

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Food is provided on planes, whether it’s snacks or a full meal on longer flights. However, passengers often buy food from the airport or take a packed lunch from home to nibble on during their travels.

On Reddit, one flyer revealed their annoyance at fellow passengers who decide to eat their strong-smellig foods on board.

Reddit user u/jkthrilla stated: “Seriously, like why can’t you people just eat before you get on the plane, or when you get off the plane at your arrival city?

“Most domestic flights aren’t that long. Not hard not eating for four hours.”

The flyer expressed disgust that themselves and other passengers should be “subject” to the strong smells some food produces.

They continued: “Like the rest of us shouldn’t have to smell your spicy garlic wings while we’re all packed in a tin can.”

This guest mad an exception for aeroplane food, because at least this means all passengers are eating the same thing.

The annoyed passenger explained: “I have been on 16hr flights and eaten breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the plane.

“It’s fine because we all get served the same food at the same time.”

They told hungry flyers to “eat your cheeseburger and fries in the airport!”.

However, they added a caveat, telling the forum they did not mind others chomping on “snacks, crackers, and candies” because they don’t “stink up the whole plane”.

A heated discussion ensued in the comments section, with some agreeing that flyers should stick to plane food, and others feeling strongly that people should be able to eat whatever they like.

Fellow Reddit user @The_Odd_Odd said: “I get really bad stomach aches on planes and a guy opened up a plastic bag full of pizza next to me. So nausiating.”

Another user recalled a “nauseating” experience: “A girl peeled and ate a hard boiled egg with mustard on it next to me once… at 7:30am before the plan had even left the gate.”

@St0n3aHOLic added: “People should consider the food they pack and how it might smell to other people.

“That’s why I don’t bring broccoli when I pack meals on the plane. But a salad, rice/beans, more neutral smelling vegetables, oatmeal, fruit, etc. are fair game.”

Crownlol had an alternative view: “People bring screaming infants, I’ll bring fries if I feel like it.”

Some flyers were totally against dictating what others should and should not eat on a plane.

Reddit user @Bearbarebere commented: “Am I the only one who literally doesn’t care what other people are doing? Smelling that stuff really isn’t all that unpleasant.

“I’ve had people pack egg salad sandwiches that warm up in the sun. Sure, it’s gross, but it’s not like I’m sitting there actively dying. It’s not a huge deal.”

@WholesomeWhitney added: “Airplane and airport food is expensive, sometimes flights are at weird times and you may not want to eat at midnight before leaving your house. Eating on a plane is perfectly reasonable.”

For those who really struggle with the pungent smells of certain food on planes, @Lily-Fae recommended spraying your face mask with a nice perfume.

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