Hand luggage: Why travellers should always pack this extra item to prevent breakages

Hand luggage is the baggage selection of choice for Britons jetting away on a weekend city break, or short holiday overseas. Yet while the ‘free’ luggage, stored in the cabin to cut down on waiting time sounds a dream, there are significant downsides. Those choosing not to pay to take on extra items to be stored in the plane’s hold are faced with the daunting prospect of cramming all of their items – including clothing, cosmetics and gifts – in one holdall. Delicate belongings are consequently at great risk of breakage, with the spillage putting the remainder of the baggage at risk.

Travel gurus at MyBaggage.com have now revealed one everyday item that should save any damage.

The item they suggest is small, light, and can easily be squished in.

They told Express.co.uk: “To avoid breakages of bottles of perfume put them inside your packed shoes or in a sock for extra padding.”

Therefore a simple sock could be the small solution to a much bigger issue.

On a related note, they added: “Place all your heavy items by the wheels of your case.

“When you stand it up, they’ll be at the bottom.

A spokesperson from My Baggage.com added: “Packing your case and only taking what you actually need is a real art.

“It’s too easy to over pack and chuck everything you could possibly want into your case – only to bring it back home unworn and full of creases.

“Instead, plan ahead, make a list and only take what you need.

“Easy tips like taking small travel sized bottles of your favourite shampoo and conditioner is an obvious one and taking face cream in compact contact lens cases.”

Meanwhile, they suggest using an oven mitt around heated items if they have not properly cooled.

For those packing for a family of four, other advice has been issued to help cram 200 items into the same suitcase.

Blogger Travel Mad Mum claims if travellers use packing cubes for their garments, overpacking can be prevented.

The expert stated: “Not only does this help to compact clothes down more but they are a great visual guide to stop you overpacking.

“Only having one cube per person makes you more focused on what can be left behind.”

Alan Harding, Marketing Director at travel firm On the Beach, who commissioned the research, added: “Providing legendary customer care is our first priority, but we also want to make sure that booking a beach holiday is stress-free and great value – from booking, right through to hitting the beach.”

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