Take This Test to Discover Your Perfect Panama Vacation and You Could Win a Trip There

What kind of traveler are you really? PROMTUR Panama, Panama's destination marketing organization, is here to help you find out.

In February, the company launched the "Discover Your Panama" campaign aimed at helping travelers discover the iconic experiences the Central American nation has to offer. With the campaign, the company also launched a quiz to help travelers find out just what kind of travel experiences they may love the most.

On the website, guests are asked to simply select their five favorite experiences from a list ranging from exploring the never-ending waterfalls at Santa Fé National Park.' to discovering Panama's best gastronomic experiences in Casco Antiguo. Then, the website generates a traveler profile, which breaks down how much you may like adventure, creative, relaxing, educational, or romantic travel moments.

The site then pulls suggested experiences into three categories: Cultural Heritage, Green Heritage, and Blue Heritage.

Cultural Heritage celebrates Panama's multifaceted culture, from gastronomy to art, history, indigenous culture, and more, according to the organization. Green Heritage promotes Panama's unique biodiversity across national parks, protected areas, and private reserves in Panama's neotropical rainforest.\ Blue Heritage highlights Panama's ocean wonders, marine life, and breathtaking beaches.

beach on Zapatilla island, Panama

Participants can share the results of their Traveler Profile with their social media followers, and encourage them to discover their Panama too. After taking the quiz, participants can also turn these dreamy itineraries into reality by entering for a chance to win a seven-day trip to Panama with one guest of their choice. The trip includes hotel stays, round-trip flights, and tours to enjoy all the options you selected.

One resident of each eligible country (United States, Canada, and Argentina) will be chosen at random to win a trip. Entrants must be 18 years or older to enter and entries must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. EST on Monday, March 15, 2021.

To discover your Traveler Profile and to enter to win a trip, visit Discover Your Panama now.

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