Gorgeous UK seaside town ‘ruined’ by ‘abysmal’ resort dubbed a ‘slum’
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    A Pontins holiday resort has been dubbed as a "slum" because of its allegedly "filthy" and "abysmal" conditions, according to holidaymakers.

    While Camber Sands is popular thanks to its soft sand, Instagrammable dunes, plenty of wildlife and lots of space, the Express reports that holidaymakers say the nearby Pontins resort is a "hazard".

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    You’re likely to see camper vans filling the roads and plenty of Brits with kayaks and paddle boards heading to Camber Sands each summer.

    Generally, those who are on a budget may choose to book into Pontins at Camber Sands – as you can bag a holiday deal from just £149 for three nights in the school holidays. We’ve even found some Pontins breaks in the summer break from just £5.56pp per night.

    Unfortunately, The Express recently spoke to a number of holidaymakers who claims the Pontins resort is turning Camber Sands into "Camber Slums". Plenty of those interviewed alleged that the resort was "filthy" and conditions "abysmal".

    Some even claimed that their holidays were ruined by the resort’s state. Jason, 39, visited with his mother and alleged the chalet was "dirty" with an "unclean bathroom floor and faeces down the toilet".

    An anonymous holidaymaker said that she "could have cried" after arriving at the park with her husband and three children. In fact, she left early!

    Over on Tripadvisor, things don’t look much better as the resort has only two stars out of five.

    One review from just three days ago said their holiday at the Pontins site was the "worst experience ever". They said that the "only way to describe this place is disgusting".

    The poster – Christine M – added: "It's falling apart and filthy the accommodation is the worst I've ever seen and should be demolished. The bathroom had mould around many areas there was ants on the kitchen worktops and cupboards the chopping board was covered in muck the toilet seat wasn't fixed.

    "Plus no plug in the sink, the duvet was filthy, the mattress were very uncomfortable with spring popping through. And if you think the have a restaurant forget it there was minimal choice of chicken nuggets and it didn't even smell nice."

    Christine also called the resort a "hell hole" and warned Brits to stay away. Meanwhile just three days prior to that on June 6 Margaret C called the resort "a slum".

    She said: "This was the worst place I have ever been to, we paid extra for a club chalet. Well if this was the best, it needs closing down as a health hazard, there was black mould, on the windows and bathroom, you could not stand under the shower.

    "The kitchen window was so dirty you could not see out of it, not that you would want to to see the the filthy over grown play area, that was not usable. The park it self was no better, it was over grown and dirty, when talking to a couple of members of staff, they didn't care."

    The Daily Star contacted Pontins for comment.

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