Genius method to steal hotel toiletries without getting caught

Most hotels provide complimentary shampoos and soaps. You are perfectly welcome to take these away with you but if they are wall-mounted it will be impossible.

One TikToker Macy (@maysayyy) has come up with a way to take toiletries from your shower, despite them being screwed to the wall.

Macy pumps products from the large hotel bottles and decants the body wash into her own, small travel containers. She captions the video: “When the hotel soaps smell too good to leave behind”.

@maysayyy shame the lotion only made my skin dryer #lelabo #hotelhack #travelhacks #livelaughlove ♬ Just A Girl – No Doubt

You are allowed to take mini soaps etc. from your room and many hotels put their own branding on the bottles making them a nice souvenir.

They are becoming rare these days, but if your hotel room has a pen and notepad, again both branded next to your bed, you are welcome to take these too.

One comment advised: “There’s a former hotel manager on here who makes videos. She said never ever use the products that have a lid that people can get into.”

Another wrote: “I would never use them way to scared that people put stuff and body fluids in there”.

Another said: “U had Le labo at the Hotel??? I would’ve done the same”.

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