Flight attendant warns ‘never be rude’ if you’re running late for your flight

A flight attendant has shared some tips to plane passengers who miss their flight at an airport.

Whether you have spent too much time doing duty-free shopping or you're having a nap waiting for your gates to be announced, there is nothing more stressful than realising you are about to miss your flight.

But air hostess Kat Kamalani, from US, said there's still a way to board.

In her latest TikTok video, she sets the scenario and says: "Okay we've all been there. We are running late to our gate, we are panicking.

"Here's the first thing you need to do – always, always still go to your gate if your plane has not departed, or even if you're a few minutes late.

"The reason being is a. there could be a delay and b. you could possibly get back on the flight."

The TikTok star then explains the gate agents' usual procedure to fill up the empty seats.

"If you are late to your flight, what happens with the gate agent is they start putting standby people on those seats," she continues.

"Those are the people who had bought their tickets but waiting for their seats or people who work for the airlines and waiting for a seat if there is an open one."

She says the key to get you back on the flight is to "be nice", adding: "If you go to the gate being angry and mad, I promise you these gate agents are just going to put you on the next flight.

"They are not even gonna worry about it. But if you are kind, pleasant and sweet, maybe there's a chance these gate agents will help you out on that flight."

Some viewers agreed with Kat and said a nice attitude would help in difficult situations like this.

One said: "I can't believe anyone thinks they will get anything by being nasty. Be nice to font line workers, always!"

A second said it happened to her one time, adding: "The gate agent said he gave it to someone in standby already but I asked him super politely if he would go get my seat back. He did!"

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