Flight attendant shares passengers’ most annoying habits including loo question

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A flight attendant with a huge internet following has revealed three of the most annoying things his passengers do.

TikTok star Dave Anica @daveanica made a tongue-in-cheek where he vented about his pet peeves, starting with when they complain about things he can't change.

In the clip, he acts out a scene where he is giving a passenger some items they have bought from the trolley.

Dave, who is also on Instagram, says: "So your total is £34.50 please", to which the fuming passenger moans: "Oh my God, why is it so expensive?"

Looking tense, he responds: "Do I look like I make the prices, madam?"

The second example was a pretty bizarre exchange he had with a passenger outside one of the plane toilets.

In the skit, the passenger asks him: "Why is your toilet locked?", so he replies: "It’s probably because someone is inside."

The passenger asks: "And how do you know that?"

A frustrated Dave explains: "Because people lock the toilet when they go into the toilet."

Finally, he got to a point many passengers find annoying which is when people stand up early and push and shove to try and get off the plane faster.

He says: "We have now landed at your final destination. For the passengers that are sitting at the back that are already standing, please sit the f*** down, you are the last ones to leave."

The video was watched more than 600,000 times and sparked a debate about flight etiquette.

One person wrote: "Omg I always hate how everyone gets up as soon as the plane slows down! I just keep sitting until the rush is mostly gone."

A second wrote: "Why do they push? You’ll get to immigration quicker so you have to queue longer there and then you have to wait for your luggage."

Commenting about the toilet issue, a third user wrote: "To be fair I’ve seen a lady wait outside the toilet for 10 minutes because they forgot to unlock it after take off."

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