Flight attendant shares how to avoid sitting next to a crying baby

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Who wants to be sat next to baby on a long haul flight? Former British Airways flight attendant Samantha Pape told Express.co.uk which part of the plane to avoid.

A stressful plane journey can be a horrible start to your travels.

There is little worse than trying to sit back and relax with some in-flight entertainment and a nearby baby will not stop crying.

While a loud baby is difficult to ignore in any part of the plane, some seats are better than others when it comes to blocking out the noise.

According to the insider, if you want a peaceful flight the middle aisle of the front row is not the place to be.

Samantha explained: “You’re more than likely to be sat next to a baby.

“This is because this seat has a fold down table for cots/bassinets for babies to sleep instead of on someone’s lap for the whole flight.”

However, there is one perk to the middle aisle of the front row in that you might secure some “extra leg room”.

Samantha provided some other top tips for optimum seat selection while flying.

She also shared a hack for window seaters hoping to sleep on the plane.

“If you’re at a window seat and planning to get some sleep (particularly when flying through the night into daylight) close your blind after take-off.”

Failing to do this means you run the risk of having flight attendants climb all over you throughout the flight “waking you up to close it”.

In the same vein, when sleeping with a blanket, make sure to put your seatbelt over the top.

If your belt is concealed, flight attendants will “have to wake you up to check every time the seatbelt signs turn on”.

Samantha’s next tip was for holidaymakers tucking into some plane food.

According to the expert, there’s a specific part of the aircraft which promises speedy food service.

“Food is usually served from front of the cabin to the back. On particularly busy flights food might be served from one trolley at the top and another trolley at the back.”

This suggests that the middle of the plane is to be avoided if you want to receive your meal quickly.

“So, something to bear in mind when choosing your seats – top of the cabin is usually best for first service.”

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