Flight attendant says you should always try and book the fifth row in economy

Flight attendants know plenty of hidden facts about planes that most of us never come across. They can tell you all about the plane's secret bedroom where cabin crew take naps, why they won’t eat plane food and plenty more flight secrets.

Handily, outside of the fascinating details of life in the skies – like how they plate First Class meals – flight crew can also offer advice to improve your journey such flying earlier in the day or wearing loose fitting clothes.

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Now, a flight attendant has claimed there’s a best seat in the house on some planes – and when she travels as a passenger, she always tries to book it for herself.

Rosie Awad, a flight attendant since 2014, says she knows the best seat on the plane which you should always try and book. Rosie, who works for Virgin Australia, claims you should aim for the fifth row.

This is for a number of reasons including the view and free extra leg room alongside other perks. You can often pay extra to book your preferred seat or ask at check-in to swap if it’s available.

Rosie told escape.com : "I would always choose row 5 [on our B737-800] at the window. There are great views, you can see the airplane wing, you get extra leg room, there are no emergency exit responsibilities, you're able to put a bag under the seat in front, it's close for disembarking, and is one of the first rows to be served for inflight service…"

However, the flight attendant also claims that there’s a worst seat for passengers too, and warns passengers to try and avoid the back row – especially near the loos.

It’s pretty obvious that those next to the lavatory are likely to have lots of people queuing next to them or bumping them while they wait. Even worse, towards the end of the flight the loos might start to smell (even crew say they’re not very clean ).

The back row can be a bad choice as not only are they next to the toilets, but they’re served their food last and – depending on the plane – they sometimes don’t recline.

If you’re all about sitting in the safest seat however, then Rosie’s advice might not be right for you. Vance Hilderman, an aviation expert, author, and CEO of AFuzion, explained the best place to sit in the event of a crash.

He told Daily Star: "In horrible crashes with many deaths, the rear of the plane has the most survivors, in the middle seat.

"However, in a less severe crash, sitting above the wing, which is structurally reinforced and affords ready aisle row escape, is safer.

"But remember that those wings are large ‘fuel containers,’ so they may explode in a very bad crash, especially early in the flight when the tanks are full."


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