‘I boarded flight and left my wife behind while she got coffee – I’m not wrong’

When going on holiday sometimes we disagree with the way our companions plan the journey. Some prefer to get to the airport early while others are more relaxed.

However, no matter how different your approach you don’t usually end up boarding a flight without those in your party. Shockingly, that’s exactly what happened to one traveller who ended up boarding his flight without his wife because she wanted a coffee.

He explained the unusual situation on Reddit, asking if he was an "a**hole" for doing so. The man, aged 47, said he was flying with his wife, Meg, 43, and heading to the east coast of the United States to visit his daughter.

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The dad noted that "traveling with my wife is not a great experience" and admitted that he was a "type A" who liked to be "organised and early". Whereas he said that Meg was the opposite – she was very "go with the flow" and relaxed.

This had caused major issues for the couple before such as the year prior to the incident. The man’s wife wouldn’t wake up early enough and so they missed their flight and couldn’t get a refund.

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That only added to the man’s annoyance when this year his wife once again caused a problem at the airport. They had arrived at the airport with "time to spare" which angered his wife.

He said she "kept going on about how now we just have to sit and wait for 45 minutes for them to start boarding". They took their first flight and landed ready for their connecting one.

However, here’s where it all went wrong. The man explained: "We got off the plane at 9.15am and our next plane started boarding at 9.40am. We had to take multiple rails to get from where we landed to our terminal.

"We got to our terminal and had about 15 minutes until our plane was set to board. My wife tells me that she wants to get coffee.

"There was a little market next to our terminal that sold hot food and coffee. I asked if she wanted me to go grab it for her.

"'No I want Starbucks' she said. Well Starbucks was a rail ride away, and a little bit of a walk – I told her we couldn’t do that, we didn’t have enough time."

Unfortunately, this caused a row and Meg decided she would go to get the coffee without her husband. He noted: "I tried to discourage her but she was determined. She walked away, at a brisk pace for her, and said she would be back in time.

"15 minutes went by and she was no where to be seen. The started calling boarding groups, I called my wife hoping she was near by, she didn’t answer.

"They called a few groups, then called ours. In a panic I called my wife again, three times, finally on the last call she answered and said she was on her way, it was a long line and she had to wait a bit.

"I told her they were almost done with boarding and she needed to hurry up. I waited by the gate but the attendant said they would need to shut the gate in two minutes.

"I waited and waited, but she didn’t show up. The attendant asked if I wanted to board, otherwise she was closing the gate. I tried to plead with her to wait a couple of minutes but she insisted that she couldn’t. So, I boarded the plane."

He added: "A few minutes later my wife calls me saying the the attendant won’t let her on, they had already removed the boarding ramp at that point. She told me I needed to tell them to let me off the plane to be with her and I said no.

"It is not fair to do this again to Jess, I said I told you we didn’t have time but you decided to go anyways. I told her to go purchase a new ticket for the next flight and I would see her when she arrives.

"She got to Jess’s school and seemed unbothered by the whole situation, didn’t even really talk about it. I thought maybe she realised it was her fault and just wanted to drop it. Boy was I wrong. We are now home and she hasn’t talked to me since the trip, over a week ago, and is insisting that I am an a**hole.."

Answering some questions, the husband noted that his wife is never late for work or in other areas of life. He also clarified that his daughter is not his wife’s child.

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In the comments, people were shocked by the situation. One person said: "God, this would drive me crazy. I predict the problem will persist. And the wife will find some way to blame her husband because she clearly has issues taking accountability for her actions."

While another added: "As someone who arrives several hours early to any flight, this kind of behaviour is genuinely bewildering.If you're not spending an hour dawdling at the gate before boarding commences, you're asking for trouble."

"I unfortunately procrastinate on about a million things, but I am firm on getting to airports with lots of extra time,” added another. “I really don’t understand this woman. I thought her long side trip to Starbucks over the place near the gate sounded extremely whiny and selfish."

Eventually, the husband commented: "My wife finally started talking to me again. When she did I told her that I wanted to have a conversation about the situation, but I wanted to give it a couple of days for emotions to settle down."

He went on to tell his wife: "For all future trips I will have my tickets, she will have hers. I typically drive to the airport and leave my car in one of the pay lots, so I would drive myself and she could Uber.

"She will have all the freedom she wants to do what she wants but it is up to her to arrive on time and board the plane. She wasn’t happy with this, but she reluctantly agreed."

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