Price hike: ‘Rip off UK getting worse’ amid ‘away v stay’ comparisons – £600 for UK break

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Holidaying in the UK is still more expensive than going abroad. Travel restrictions may have been lifted and Britons may have more choices when it comes to their holidays, but the staycation price hikes are still a reality for half-term.

UK prices are still a massive deterrent to holidaying Britons.

On social media, user Nathan started an “away vs stay” comparison, and comments seemed to indicate money-conscious Britons will be heading overseas for their holidays.

Nathan said: “Staycation or European Destination?

“I just did a comparison to book a B&B in Devon for a week in November. £600.

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“Greece 5-star hotel, entertainment, great sea view, pool, all-inclusive starting from £395.

“Cheaper and better than staying in the UK.”

He continued: “Santorini is my next booking.”

User Frankie said: “You’re absolutely right and nearly a guarantee of sun.”

Bob G Mason wrote: “Staycation places and lots of hospitality venues waited to open and when they did, they tried to stiff people.”

While user Harlem said: “UK staycation prices costing more than trips abroad really isn’t sitting right with me.”

Nathan said: “I am not going to pay £600 for a week in the UK when I can jump on a jet for two hours and have nearly 10 days all-inclusive for the same money.”

However, Anne Spencer thought Britons should stay in the UK, regardless of prices.

She wrote: “Stay local and give our own people some money.”

But Nathan was not having any of it.

He wrote: “I am not paying £88 a night for a B&B that used to cost me £27 a night.”

He said it was a “matter of principle.”

Stu Hamilton was on the fence.

While he was not happy about the price hikes, he also had an issue with holidaying in the EU.

He said: “Rip off prices will either come down or they’ll sink. Either way I’ll not pay those prices but equally I’m not spending my dosh in the EU.”

Nathan, the original poster, said: “Rip off UK is getting worse.”
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