Flight attendant says big perk of the job is weeks of ‘rest’ in exotic locations
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    Plenty of us have dreamed of being a flight attendant at one time or another.

    What could be better than getting paid to travel the world and spend time in exotic destinations?

    Well, some flight attendants claim it’s not all sunshine and daisies, revealing their flight secrets from 4am starts to annoying passengers.

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    Love Island’s Lucinda Strafford even claims that some customers made her cry and that the uniform rules were very strict.

    Luckily, it’s not all negative. In fact, a TikTok creator has explained how she gets to spend days, or even weeks, on holiday thanks to her work.

    Cabin crew member, Yana, who has 238,000 followers @itsyanachka, posted a viral video about the good side of being an air hostess.

    A fan asked her: “When you fly to different places do you get to stay there and visit the country a bit before leaving?”

    The blonde bombshell and flight attendant replied: “This is a great question. My name is Yana and I’m an international flight attendant.

    “We are required to have rest at the end of our work day so depending where that work day ends is where we get our rest.”

    She continued: “Sometimes it can be glamorous and other times it’s not so glamorous.

    “And, the rest time varies – our minimum rest that we have to have I think is at least eight or 10 hours.

    “My maximum rest can be really anywhere… I can stay somewhere for 24 hours, I can stay somewhere for a couple of days, a week, a couple of weeks, or three weeks or a month.”

    Yana added: “it just depends and I’ll fly and do turns out of that place.”

    In the comments people were gobsmacked at how long Yana could spend in the various destinations.

    One person said: “Ohhh, thank you that’s so cool!”

    “I love it,” added another.

    Thousands of people liked the video – but one asked what would happen if a flight attendant lost their job while out of their home country.

    Yana clarified: “You fly home on company plane or they get you a ticket on commercial airline I’m assuming. They find you a way home regardless.”

    The stunning flight attendant lives in Dallas, but has visited Germany, Bulgaria, Ireland, Alaska, Guam, South Korea, Hawaii, Argentina, Florida and more in the last few months.

    Would you love to be a flight attendant? Tell us why in the comments…


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