Flight attendant explains why you shouldn’t join Mile High Club or use food tray

There are seemingly harmless things that you should never do on a plane, according to a flight attendant.

Emirates air hostess Dani @daniboyy1 made a TikTok video with the caption: "Please don’t tell me you do any of these! Especially the last one!"

Dani says the things "you should never do when flying as a passenger" include joining the so-called Mile High Club, which is enough to get you banned from most airlines.

You could also be arrested and persecuted if caught doing the dirty on a plane, depending on the laws in the country where the aircraft is registered.

Dani says another no-no is deciding to "go to the toilet with no shoes on".

The tiny toilets are used dozens of times during a flight and during mild turbulence so it's no surprise the floor can get a bit wet, and it's not always water.

Dani also tells people not to use the TV monitor and dinner tray without disinfecting it first, which many germaphobes will admit to doing as standard.

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Model Naomi Campbell went viral when she showed how she cleaned her plane seat and the surrounding area while wearing disposable gloves – a routine she does "every single flight".

Another thing Dani tells people not to do is to stand up as soon as the flight has landed, with many people ignoring the signs and getting to their feet anyway.

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The habit is annoying for flight crew who are trained to make sure everyone exits the plane in a safe and orderly fashion.

Dani's video was watched 20,000 times on the app and it sparked a debate about the correct plane etiquette.

"Why not go to the lav with no shoes on?" asked one user, who then joked he intended to "bring a mop" on his next flight.

A second person commented: "Brilliant! As if people think it is hygienic to walk into the toilet in their socks."

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