Flight attendant claims cabin crew party with ‘hot’ passengers after landing

When flying on holiday we’ve all seen the glamorous cabin crew going about their day in iconic uniforms and wondered what its like to work in the skies.

In factLove Island’s Lucinda Strafford, who worked as cabin crew before she appeared on the hit show, revealed that there are strict uniform requirements for the role.

She never went back to the industry after a year as she found it wasn’t as “glamorous” as she thought it would be.

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But, other flight attendants love their job – and have revealed hidden secrets about being on a passenger plane crew online.

American air hostess, Cierra Mist, spoke up on TikTok about some aspects of flying that guests might not know about.

The gorgeous flight attendant even revealed that she and the crew on her flights will “hang out” with passengers if they ask them to.

She explained that when the crew have a lay-over – that’s where you have one or more nights to spend in the destination as a break – they even party with passengers if they’re “hot”.

Cierra commented on the practice in a video where she explained some hidden facts about flying.

The air hostess explained that tray tables and seats need to be in the correct position to prevent blockages if the passengers need to evacuate.

She then went on to add: “Number three, this one might shock you a little but I get this question all the time so I thought I would answer it for you right now.

“Yes, flight attendants and pilots during our layovers we don’t only hang out with each other, we actually hang out a lot of times with our passengers.

“Whether it be a really hot guy or girl, or just a fun group of people, if you invite us to go hang out with you guys chances are we’re totally down.”

The flight attendant showed a number of videos showing the crew on mechanical bulls, dancing with passengers, partying with groups of glam women and even with a mascot.

She added: “In fact, I have a tonne of spicy stories that I could tell you about the passenger interactions I’ve personally had… but, I can’t do it on here.”

And, in the comments, plenty of people were interested in hanging out with the crew – some already had.

One commenter said: “That’s how I met my fiancee!”

Another added: “I’d love to hang out on a layover.”

Would you ever ask your flight attendants to hang out? Tell us in the comments…


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