EasyJet shares plane sick bag hack that lets you watch films on phone hands-free

Budget airline easyJet has responded to the TikTok sick bag trend going viral across social media.

The hack uses the free sick bag and the upright tray table to give travellers hands-free viewing on their phones.

After British make-up artist, Lielle Mua posted the hack on her account two weeks ago, it quickly gained attention.

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Lielle’s video has been watched nearly 12 million times, with thousands of videos recreating the hack to see if it’s legit.

In the clip, the TikToker removes her phone cover and slips a sick bag in between the case and the device. She then opens the tray table and slides in the other half of the bag – securing it with the lock.

EasyJet has responded to the crazy by getting the cabin crew to film a demonstration for all their customers to try it on their upcoming flights.

The clip, posted to the airline's social media accounts on August 24, also takes a moment to remind customers to leave the sickbags behind for the next passenger to use and help reduce waste.

Tina Milton, Cabin Services Director at easyJet said: “Our crew go the extra mile to make sure our passengers have enjoyable flight and so they have been inspired to create our very own inflight demonstration video to show how to recreate this creative hack, and reveal other ways customers can enjoy their own in-flight entertainment after take-off, as well as helping to reduce waste by kindly leaving the bags for the next passengers on board.”

Responding to the TikTok demonstration, one person said: “the fact they’re actually embracing this shows that this airline is truly a wonderful one”.

“Yes I tried and my cabin crew didn’t know and I showed them and they loved me” a second added.

A third joked: “they’re about to charge £25 for this now”

But one angry customer added: “That’ll be why there were NO sick bags on my flight back from Bulgaria and I had to be sick in a hoody! Absolute joke".


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