Expats: The top five destinations Britons are ‘desperate’ to move to – full list

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Whether it is for professional or personal purposes, British expats choose to relocate across the world for a number of reasons. Currently, there are an estimated 5.5 million British citizens living permanently overseas.

However, it seems some destinations are more popular among Britons than others.

A new study, conducted by immigration law firm Reiss Edward immigration, analysed Google search data to establish which countries UK residents were searching for the most when it comes to permanently moving.

Based on their findings, the top five countries Britons are most keen to relocate to are:

1 Australia

2 Canada

3 New Zealand


5 South Africa

Commenting on the study, Reiss Edwards’ managing director Amar Ali said: “There are numerous reasons that Brits want to move abroad, whether it’s for a hotter climate, a cheaper economy or to be nearer loved ones.

“With an average of 400,000 Brits emigrating each year, this data offers a fascinating insight into where UK residents wish to relocate this year.”

The research found that Australia was the most Googled country, with a combined 6,400 average monthly searches for terms such as “emigrate to Australia” and “Australian visa” being made by British expats.

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Since the pandemic commences, searches for “emigrate to Australia” are reported to have surged by 125 percent in the UK.

Australia welcomes an average of 58,000 emigrating UK citizens each year.

Over one million Britons currently live in Australia, while one in four Australian residents were born overseas.

Canada came in second place, with 5,400 searches per month for terms such as “Canadian visa”.

As of 2020, iexpats reports that Canada is home to over 600,000 British expats.

According to British diaspora data, 30 percent of Canada’s population is made up of people who have British ancestry.

In third place is New Zealand, attracting a search volume of 3,600 per month.

UK residents’ interest in emigrating to New Zealand has risen 14 percent in the last year alone, according to Google Trend data.

The USA is the fourth most sought after destination for Britons looking to relocate.

There are 2,500 combined monthly searches by UK residents seeking to move to America.

Over 600,000 British expats are thought to live in the US.

South Africa ranked fifth with 1,330 searches a month for emigrating and visas to the country.

The nation is home to at least 200,000 British expats.

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