Expats: Cheapest countries with rent under £450 named – 10 ‘fabulous’ places

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Many expats choose to enjoy their retirement in a warm and sunny location, but most want to stay close to home. What are the cheapest European countries?

New research by CIA Landlord revealed the cheapest cities to move to, with an average rent under £450.

According to the study, Sarajevo is the most affordable European capital to relocate to.

Sarajevo offers Britons warm weather in summer, rich culture and low property prices.

A one-bedroom flat in this Bosnian capital has an average price of £224.86 a month.

Outside the city centre, Britons can find a property for just £147.49 per month.

The capital of Montenegro, Podgorica, is the second cheapest European city to rent a property. Britons can rent a house for £​​276.40 on average.

Three of Britain’s favourite holiday destinations, Greece, Croatia and Cyprus, are also among the cheapest places to relocate to.

Expats can rent a home in Athens, Greece, for £362.62 per month, while a property in beautiful Zagreb, Croatia, costs £411.86 per month on average.

Tripadvisor user @186SS186 said: “Zagreb is fabulous! Such an amazing city with a great vibe. I can’t wait to go back and enjoy evenings on Tkalciceva.”

For those Britons who are looking to buy a property, there are a few cities they should avoid.

Monaco, Hong Kong and Singapore are the most expensive cities in the world for buyers.

The average price per metre to buy in Monaco is 62,860.27 while renting a property is £2,973.12 on average.

Cheapest cities with rent under £450

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Podgorica, Montenegro

Tirana, Albania

Sofia, Bulgaria

Belgrade, Serbia

Budapest, Hungary

Athens, Greece

Bucharest, Romania

Zagreb, Croatia

Nicosia, Cyprus

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Most expensive cities to buy a property

Monaco, Monaco

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Singapore, Singapore

Beijing, China

London, United Kingdom

Paris, France

Libreville, Gabon

Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Taipei, Taiwan

Dakar, Senegal

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