easyJet’s new booking feature could help you find your ideal flights in seconds

easyJet is introducing a new way for passengers to book flights; by using just their voice.

No, you won't need to ring up a call centre. Instead, all you'll need to do is open the easyJet app on your phone.

That's because the airline is launching Speak Now, a new feature on its app which lets passengers search for flights using voice recognition technology.

The feature will ask audible questions to help narrow down your search including your chosen destination, date and airports they would prefer to fly from.

The idea is to make it even easier for holidaymakers to find the flights they want; typically it takes about 12 taps to book a flight on the app, but with Speak Now the same results could be generated within a matter of seconds thanks to the vocal steps.

The system will be powered by Artificial Intelligence technology and will also use Google Cloud's Dialogflow, a language understanding tool.

Speak Now will be launching in English on iOS, and while easyJet hasn't yet confirmed the exact launch date, it did say the feature will be launched on the app within the coming weeks.

It's not the only high-tech offering from the airline this year.

In February, the airline launched a new AR offering which lets passengers scan cabin bags at home to determine whether they will fit the airline's cabin bag dimension rules.

The airline hasn't yet confirmed when the new feature will launch, although it did say that Speak Now will be launched on the app within the coming weeks.

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