Woman’s ‘travel pillow hack’ saves her paying extra luggage fees when she flies

A traveller shared a simple "pillow hack" to save her luggage space so that she could avoid paying extra airline fees.

Anayo, who lives in Bay Area in California, learned about the trick on TikTok.

She wanted to test out if she could save $60 (£43) when travelling on budget airlines to Las Vegas, US.

The TikToker says in a video: "You can use a travel pillow as additional storage – so I got this pillow from Walgreens for $9 (£6.5) and there's a zipper!

"Look at all this random filling. Make sure to get a pillow with a zipper for easy stuffing."

Anayo explains that her backpack wasn't big enough to hold small bag of clothes – so she empties the pillow and stuffs her garments inside in order to save space.

This way, she could bring the clothes with her on the trip without paying extra for luggage fees.

"These are my mesh tops and dresses since they're lightweight – everything fit except for this shirt!" Anayo adds.

"Here's my luggage, let's see if I make it on without paying. My flight is in three hours – let's see how this goes."

Anayo said the flight was only one hour and the ticket cost her $40 (£29), she didn't want to spend more on luggage fee on a budget flight.

She later gave updates that she made it to the plane without paying extra and she's happy that the five-minute hack worked out.

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Some viewers took note of the travel hack and others shared their packing tips when travelling on budget airlines.

"You can also use a regular pillow that you use on your bed too! I've been doing this for years, never had an issue," one said.

A second suggested: "Next time do a free personal item, then get a drawstring bag and put it under a jacket (it will just look like you're pregnant). I do it all the time."

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