Win a $1,000 Vacation Voucher — If You're One of the First 25 to Tweet During Daylight Savings' Lost Hour

With warmer weather sweeping through much of the country this week, the hope of spring hangs in the air. But before we get there, we must lose an hour of precious time when we spring forward with daylight savings on March 14.

To make up for that lost time, Travelocity is giving away 25 $1,000 vouchers via Twitter at 1:59 a.m. CT, when the clock springs ahead to 3 a.m. CT. (Note the central time zone.) Winners can use their earnings on a vacation package or stand-alone hotel.

The prizes will be awarded to the fastest Tweeters — the first 25 people to reply to the Travelocity Twitter post at that time with a creative answer to the prompt: "The early bird catches the worm so its family can travel to [fill in the blank]." The winners will then be contacted via direct message and asked to follow instructions for redemption.

The company's hope is that the vouchers will help families plan a safe vacation after a year of being sidelined due the pandemic.

morning light through an airplane window

As of now, the CDC still recommends against air travel, but the vouchers, which must be used on one booking, are valid through Dec. 31, 2021, for travel through March 31, 2022, according to the rules. The prize also can't be used on rebookings, nor is its value refundable.

For the 25 lucky winners, the company recommends some of its most popular domestic family destinations, including the Ozarks, Southern California, Central Florida, the Rocky Mountains, and the Texas Gulf Coast.

Travelocity's packages have been known to provide major savings on travel bookings, like last year's deal, which basically included a flight to Cancun for free.

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