easyJet launches all-inclusive 28-day holiday ‘cheaper than staying in UK’

Brits desperate to get away from the UK right now may be in luck thanks to easyJet holidays.

The travel company has launched an epic 28-day holiday from £650 that's all inclusive – and claims that the 'Escape the UK' packages is cheaper than meeting the cost of the average UK household’s winter bills.

It’s perfect timing as according to easyJet research 40% of Brits have searched for winter holidays to avoid paying high energy bills.

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The average British household costs are set to exceed £2,255 per month this year – a cost some might not be able to afford, reports RightMove.

This is made up of costs from rent – which costs an average of £1065 per household – to gas and electric which is as high as £175 per month.

Food costs exceeded £350 per month while travel hit a whopping £272 a month per household.

But, from just £650 per person for an entire month easyJet’s bargain all-inclusive holiday covers everything you need for the duration of your stay.

That means for less than a grand you’ll get your travel, accommodation, food and costly outgoings like broadband and gym membership.

You’ll have no fuel, petrol or grocery bills to pay – and according to the office for National Statistics (ONS) it works out £227 cheaper per person than living in the UK.

The 28-day stay at the five-star Stella Gardens Resort in Egypt will be blown away by everything they can get at the hotel.

You’ll dine on meals at the world-renowned resort restaurant without paying a penny extra.

Plus, there’s also a free spa and gym, WiFi included and TV streaming services.

Snacks and both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are also available for free.

While many Brits will be unable to get a month of annual leave the deal could work for teachers who get summer holidays or those who work remotely.

You should make sure you check your company policy and the rules for working in Egypt before you book the trip.

Lynn Beattie, an ACMA management accountant said: "The data collected in this study is incredibly insightful showing just how much the average household in the UK will spend on the most basic of living expenses.

“While escaping abroad does not make all our financial commitments disappear, it's startling to know that like for like, it's cheaper to buy an all-inclusive holiday than stay in the UK this winter.

“For consumers who could viably sublet/Airbnb their homes and work abroad, the new package deal by easyJet holidays poses a very attractive offer."

Always check the current FCDO guidelines before travelling to countries outside of the UK – you can find them at gov.uk.

The package goes on sale at 10am today starting at £650pp for 28-days and can be booked at easyjet.com.


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