Flight attendant catches man with ‘pants undone’ trying to join Mile High Club

A flight attendant has shared her stories of catching passengers in the act of trying to join the Mile High Club.

The Mile High Club is a phrase often used to reference a couple having sex on an airplane, typically in the cramped toilets onboard.

B, a host on the Flight Attendant podcast, described a number of instances where she has been forced to intervene to prevent passengers from becoming members of the exclusive club.

Speaking about one of her first experiences, she recalled: “This couple went in and I was flying with somebody pretty new.

"She was like, ‘I think two people went into one lavatory together’, and I was like ‘okay well go ahead and open it.’

But her colleague was reluctant so, B explained.

She decided to take matters into her own hands and went to knock on the toilet door.

B said: “I knocked on the door and was like, ‘I need you to come out’, and they were like, ‘one moment!’"

This wasn’t a satisfactory response for the cabin crew member, so she threatened to open the door if they didn’t leave themselves.

However, she recalled: “They still didn’t come out so I opened the door,

"The girl was sitting on the seat and the man was facing her and his pants were undone."

B added: “He was like ‘I was just helping her because she’s not feeling well.’”

Not to be fooled, the flight attendant told the couple to go and sit down.

Another time, B claimed, a man pretended to be a caretaker for his partner in the hope of being allowed to remain in the toilet with her.

She recalled: “I said ‘well are you her caretaker?’ and he said ‘I don’t have to tell you’.

Again, B didn't think this response was legitimate.

“If somebody is truly taking care of somebody else,” she said they'd want to "make you aware" they were the caretaker from the outset.

B even recalled a time when she had taken proactive steps to prevent a couple from sneaking off to the toilets together in the first place.

She described how she got an inkling something was about to happen between a couple who were on their honeymoon, when they asked her if they could sit at the empty back of the plane.

She said: “I saw them eyeing the lavatory and I was like ‘oh this is not going to happen’,

“So I just kept the lights on, pretty much full bright the entire time. That way they couldn’t do anything.”

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