Dad ‘waterboards’ himself on waterslide and wife’s response has people creasing
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    Being at a waterpark on holiday is a time to splash about and have fun unleashing your inner child.

    But one overly excited dad has gone viral after his wife hilariously filmed his blunder going down a big, yellow water slide.

    In a video, which has gained more than 2.4million likes, the bloke was seen coming out of the tube slide into the pool of water below.

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    The bloke suddenly had his head underwater and appeared to struggle after he "accidentally waterboarded himself" – prompting the lifeguard to intervene and help him out.

    However, it was his wife's reaction that had viewers howling with laughter at the video, which was captioned: "That time my dad accidentally waterboarded himself and my mum was super supportive."

    In the background of the TikTok, posted by @mlemkin, the mum was heard shouting: "Idiot! What a f***ing idiot!"

    Viewers rushed to the comments to poke fun at the situation as some thought it was a "skill" for him to have had the blunder on the waterslide.

    One user said: "That’s not waterboarding. He’s full-on drowning on a water slide. That takes talent."

    Another added: "Pleaseee that was so dramatic."

    A third commented: "Don't leave dad alone in a bathtub or in rain puddles."

    A fourth commented on the mum's reaction, writing: "The tone. She is tired of him."

    Others pointed out that the incident was not "waterboarding" – a form of torture where water is poured over a cloth that is covering the victim's face to make them feel like they're drowning.

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    The news comes after young woman got the shock of her life after a deadly predator emerged at the bottom of a waterslide.

    A viral clip shows a pretty young girl in a black bikini riding a waterslide, with her selfie stick in hand.

    She then shot off the bottom of the slide and whizzes up into the air before plummeting into the water below.

    But the speedy descent is the least of her worries. Under the water, viewers see an ominous shadow appear beside her kicking feet, which turned out to be a huge shark.


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