Passenger gets free flights for life after boarding plane at airport

Liverpool: Man wins free flights for life

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A passenger received a huge surprise when he was handed free flights for life after boarding a plane at an airport.

Ikechi Chima Apakama was travelling from Liverpool John Lennon Airport to Keflavik International Airport in Iceland with his two friends.

Following takeoff on Friday February 17, PLAY Airlines crew gave gift bags, prosecco, and cakes to all passengers.

They then announced the plane was carrying PLAY‘s one millionth passenger, and to mark the occasion, they would give this person free flights for life.

Upon landing, Ikechi was met with a surprise celebratory party and told he was the millionth passenger.

Alongside free PLAY flights for life, Ikechi also received a coat and hat from the Icelandic brand Cintamani, reports The Liverpool Echo.

He and his friends then travelled on to their destination from Keflavik Airport in style, with a Cadillac full of goodies.

PLAY operates flights between Liverpool and Iceland.

Once passengers get to Keflavík International Airport, they can then change onto services to American destinations such as New York, Boston and Washington DC.

Ikechi will be able to travel for free to and from any destination PLAY flies from.

People took to The Liverpool Echo’s comments to congratulate Ikechi on being the one millionth passenger.

One person said: “Wow! Lucky man, enjoy those free flights.”

“Well done lad enjoy your travel,” wrote another.

A third person added: “Enjoy as long as possible, hopefully this Airline will not go Bust like many others have”.

“Fabulous! Very jealous, enjoy!”, said another, “Congrats mate. I’m Jealous!”, a fifth person commented.

“Imagine that ? If it was me I’d go grocery shopping to another country every month, cheaper living,” someone quipped.

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