Cruise worker says crew often flout sex rule onboard – usually with passengers

Going on a cruise can be the ultimate luxury holiday with unlimited food, plenty of cocktails and days by the pool. But, among all of the relaxing holidaymakers are the cruise staff who work hard to make your trip memorable – and apparently some staff break the rules to do so.

A cruise ship worker has revealed that there’s one major no-no on-board for cruise staff who usually live on the ship (and often party there on their days off too). Kelsey, @kelseyjuneswann, explained in a TikTok video that the crew are not allowed to "sleep with the guests".

So, basically if you meet an attractive waiter, bartender or pool maintenance worker they’re not supposed to pursue you romantically! It’s a pretty standard rule at most workplaces that you shouldn’t try to sleep with customers – however Kelsey says that cruise workers often break the rule.

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"The one rule is: don't sleep with the guests," text read over the cruise worker’s clip. The sound over the top said: "We're told we have to do what we're told but surely…"

She then shows herself smiling while the sound continued: "Sometimes you have to be a little bit naughty." Kelsey used the viral sound – from the film Matilda – to rat on her male colleagues as the text on the screen read: "Every male crew member".

Essentially, Kelsey used the fun TikTok trend to explain that male crew members often have sex with cruise guests. Shocking stuff!

Kelsey captioned the clip: "When you work on a cruise ship." However, we would advise cruise-goers to avoid trying to hook up with the crew purely for your own piece of mind. Although, we wouldn’t say no to a drink in the secret bar for staff on most ships.

Ezra Freeman works as an entertainer onboard cruises and revealed that the secret bar exists – and you can get a drink for under £2. She said: "A lot of times guests want to see crew cabins or go to the crew bar… I can understand why they'd want to see it — the crew bar is amazing!

"All drinks are under $2 [approximately £1.65]! But we earned that privilege!" Plus, it’s not the only place on the huge ships reserved just for the workers.

Ezra noted: "We have a crew recreation room with ping pong and pool, we have a crew gym, we have a crew bar, we have crew dining areas, and of course our infamous crew cabins. By the way, crew cabins are not as bad as people tend to think! We actually all love our little cozy shoebox cabins! But yes, number one rule on board – no fraternising with guests, so guests, so sorry, you will never see our crew cabins."

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