Tourist disgusts Brits by using hotel coffee pot to cook ‘atrocious’ dinner

A tourist has flabbergasted Brits after sharing the vile meal he made in a hotel coffee maker.

Sharing a snap on Reddit, the holidaymaker revealed that he was hungry after returning to his room after a music festival.

While we understand that meals at large events can be pricy we’re not sure we’re OK with the man’s solution.

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He titled the image, “Hotel Coffee Maker Poached Beef Strips After Music Festival”.

In the image, half cooked strips of beef floated in the water inside the coffee maker’s drawer.

The bloke explained his actions on social media and said: "I was on my way home from a festival. Wanted to splurge on a nice meal but I decided to get groceries instead.

"Went to Walmart and got some thin top round, sliced against the grain and poached it."

He noted that he was usually a “good hotel guest” and did clean the machine “before and after using it”.

The man added: “Only ran pure water through it. Cleaned up my room before I checked out."

Unfortunately, people online weren’t having it – many thought the cooking method was down right wrong.

One commenter noted: “Everyone at that hotel hates you now.”

While a curious poster asked: “Did you pre-plan this? Any seasoning on this beautiful atrocity? Let’s get some details…”

The beef eater replied: “I was on my way home from a festival. Wanted to splurge on a nice meal but I decided to get groceries instead.

“Tossed with a1 sauce and extra pepper when it was done.

“Lol actually I was cutting it up with the staff.

“I'm actually a good guest besides the beef poaching thing.”

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“What the actual f***,” exclaimed a third person.

Have you ever seen someone cook something disgusting at a hotel? tell us what it was in the comments…


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