Couple travelling Europe in modified van reveal how much they spend in a week

A couple who went on a road trip around Europe revealed how much they spent in a week while living in the back of a van.

Jamie and Martha bought a green van and converted it into a moving home before they embarked on their journey across the continent.

Calling their temporary home "Kermit" due to the green colour, they have drivn to remote scenic spots that are accessible by cars.

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They have been living in the van for roughly a year and the pair have visited Italy, Spain, Portugal.

Sharing their travel journey to viewers on TikTok, Jamie said they occasionally treat themselves to better accommodation, adding that he feels like they are "living like royalty in a camp site".

In one clip, they explained how they keep to their budget.

Jamie said: "We live in the back of our van and this is how much we spent in one week.

"We normally get away with just doing one grocery but we actually end up doing two and in total, we spent €88.96 (£75).

"We ran out of gas on our stove so we have to refill it and it's €12.90 (£10.90). We spent €88 on diesel."

Jamie and Martha went out for drinks one night and spent about £6 for a bucket of beer. They also visited two coffee shops and that cost them £6.50 for four caffeine drinks.

"Since we've crossed the border from Portugal to Spain, we spent €15 on 50gb of mobile data," Jamie added.

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Unfortunately the van has no room for Jamie and Martha to take showers, so they spend £5 on washing.

"In total we spent €223.10 (£189)," Jamie said. "Every week varies and it just depends on what we do."

But in other videos, the pair showed how they got entertainment for free in their trips – from swimming in lakes and hiking in mountains.


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