Could This New 5G Google Phone Be the Best Deal Anywhere?

woman holding Google Pixel phone

The new Pixel 4a 5G in Clearly White, which retails for $499, is meant to reflect a blank slate for the new year, Google says. Hey, who won't get behind that sentiment?

The latest Pixel keeps all the compelling features of the phone that was first launched last fall, while adding compatibility with all the major 5G networks. Those ultra-fast connections let users stream videos, download shows and podcasts, and do pretty much anything else online at eye-popping speeds. The phone also makes it easy to share that bandwidth with nearby devices, which is one of the many reasons Travel + Leisure called the original Pixel 4a 5G a head-turner in a 2020 review.

Like other recent Pixel phones, the new all-white model has other features sure to appeal to travelers, whether you're just taking a weekend road trip or prepping for an awe-inspiring safari later this year. The 4a has a high-end camera system that rivals what you'll find in the latest iPhones, with ultrawide, portrait, and other shooting modes. Reviewers at CNET call it the best camera phone under $500, with particular praise for the portrait and "Night Sight" modes. (The latter uses artificial intelligence to enhance shots taken in low light, giving them rich colors and crisp details.)

Google Pixel 4a phone

Other travel-friendly features include Google's "adaptive battery" technology that aims to preserve power to last you through the day. It also has Google Translate: "Punch in a string of text, ask someone to speak into the phone, or even just snap a photo of a foreign script, and Google can render a fairly reliable translation in just moments — sometimes even without a cellular data connection," as T+L has reported.

The Pixel 4a 5G in Clearly White is available from Google, wireless carriers, and other retailers for $499, though many are currently offering it for $449. The Pixel 4a 5G in Just Black is now available for $459.

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