Cornish village slammed by visitors to ‘never visit again’

Cornwall is an extremely popular holiday destination for those looking to stay in the UK. However, many British tourists are unimpressed by the seaside county and vow to never return.

Just yesterday, Twitter account @NoContextBrits asked Britons where in the UK they would never visit again.

The tweet read: “Name a place in Britain you’ve visited and would never want to go back to again.”

It received a lot of attention, amassing 63 retweets, 808 quotes, 2,208 likes, 102 bookmarks and 6,159 comments in a less than 24-hour period.

Twitter users flocked to the comments section to share their least favourite destinations in the UK, and famously idyllic Cornwall surprisingly came up a good few times.

Land’s End – which is mainland Britain’s most south-westerly point and technically part of Cornwall – was branded a “massive disappointment” by @staffordgary.

@caroleaf123 agreed: “I second that and I live in Cornwall. Complete rip off!”

@Atmyexpense named The Eden Project tourist attraction as a place she would never visit again.

Located in Cornwall, The Eden Project is dominated by two huge enclosures which house thousands of plant species.

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She tweeted: “I’m sorry to say it was overly commercialised, I was very disappointed.”

@Harmunt said: “It has to be #Boscastle in #Cornwall. Easily the most unnerving atmosphere I’ve ever felt. We spent the morning there and left as quickly as we could #wickerman.”

@collind6 said: “Controversial maybe, but St Ives in Cornwall. Beautiful coastal fishing town, completely overrun and ruined with tourists. Must be hell for the locals.”

@JonL566 agreed: “This is why I won’t go. My wife wants to go there, but it doesn’t appeal to me, especially as we’d be part of the problem.”

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But Cornwall wasn’t the only UK destination that got a battering in the comments section.

@ManuelMoguer stated: “I love every little bit of Britai- STANSTED AIRPORT, I WOULD SET THAT PLACE ON FIRE, WORST PLACE ON EARTH.”

@CoffeeCodger joked: “Please add Heathrow Airport, too. I’ll happily supply the petrol and matchsticks.”

Not everyone was impressed by England’s capital, with @GeorgieHeath27 citing “Bank station at rush hour” as a place she would never want to visit again. @Matt5cott said the same about busy Oxford Street.

Many Britons were not impressed with Scotland, with several Twitter users saying they would avoid the country altogether.

Paisley, Methil, Niddrie and Saltcoats were all named as specific places to never return to.

Blackpool was another place people “never wanted to go back to”. @gogingerale said: “Blackpool. Note that most of the people saying Blackpool can not bring themselves to relate why… the horror is too great.”

@FlyMeToAgaric seconded this: “So true, just tweeted Blackpool but didn’t want to re-live the trauma by explaining why.”

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