Sunny Beach resort police say Brits are ‘fair skinned, chubby and can’t drink’

Brits have been flocking to Sunny Beach in Bulgaria for wild party nights and 80p pints – and local police have dubbed them “fair skinned, chubby and wearing as little clothing as possible”.

The town has seen tourism numbers grow in recent years as other destinations like Lanzarote and Amsterdam say they no longer want British tourists.

Now, 100,000 Brits descend on Sunny Beach each year and it’s not surprising considering you can bag rooms from £9 a night.

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But, while it seems Sunny Beach locals are happy for the influx of party-goers splashing the cash the police in the area are another story.

On E4’s new six-part documentary series, Emergency On Sunny Beach, the true extent of British partygoers is laid bare.

The show makes clear that tourists from the UK are all too willing to get wasted, strip naked, have sex in clubs and even pass out unconscious from drinking.

A local police woman spoke to the interviewers about her experience of British holidaymakers – and it’s not too positive.

Desislava Goranova told viewers: “In my view the usual British tourist looks like this — fair skin, a bit chubby and wearing as little clothing as possible, always very loud and covered in tattoos.

“Compared to other nationalities the British tourists are always very loud and jolly.

“They love having lively conversations.”

Meanwhile, her fellow policeman Emil Tonchev added that we Brits can’t hold our alcohol like the Bulgarians.

He said: “The British people cause the most problems because they can’t drink.

“Bulgarians have brandy, the Brits drink beer.

“We get sober by drinking beer.

“People come on holiday and lose their senses.”

But, Desislava insists that Sunny Beach isn’t all body shots, all-you-can-drink nights and stag dos.

She commented: “Sunny Beach is a resort of two extremes.

“You have beautiful nature and a stunning beach, but also places with criminals, drunk people, people on drugs.

“During the day the resort is so colourful — people having fun and enjoying the beach.

“At night the central part of the resort goes through a change, the clubs open, it’s full of people with loose morals, a lot of drugs and booze.”

Thankfully local people seem happy for wild British youngsters to hit the streets each summer.

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Taxi driver Ilea said: “Tourists are crazy at night now compared to years ago, especially the young people. They party hard.

“I grew up in Sunny Beach, the tourists become friends.

“The British tourists are a must here because, without them, Sunny Beach is not the same.

“We’ve had two years of Covid without British tourists and Sunny Beach was boring. British tourists are usually nice and polite, they say thank you. I like that.”


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