‘Coolest’ red London phone box is revamped to serve tiramisu and coffee

An old London phone box has caused a stir after being repurposed to serve tiramisu and coffee.

Walkmisu was launched last year in Russell Square and has proved a popular attraction thanks to its homemade tiramisu served out of revamped red phone boxes.

From afar they just look like two regular phone boxes placed side by side. You'll soon quickly notice shelves holding tiramisu in takeout boxes and a coffee machine.

The store is just a short walk away from Russell Square and features a range of tiramisu flavours – from the classic coffee and mascarpone to six other variations including strawberry, lemon and pistachio versions.

The cafe has gone viral in a video, which comes from TikTok user @london.by.kseniia. It begins with a quick look around the outside of the telephone booths, which are adorned with signs advertising the desserts.

In the clip, we are then shown the inside of one of the booths, which has been kitted out with everything needed to prepare the delicious dessert.

After a peek at the interior we are then shown the custom Walkmisu boxes which the caffeinated delicacy comes in, and then given a look at the delicious-looking tiramisu itself.

The red telephone box is a hallmark of the capital, but in the digital age many have disappeared entirely making this unique use of the design icon all the more refreshing.

Viewers were clearly enticed by the clip, with one commenting: “This is incredibly cool!”

Another commenter wrote: “Take me there.”

Owner Daniele Benedettini, told MyLondon this idea had been a long time in the making.

He said: “I started it off in August last year. Growing up in Italy I loved tiramisu and trying out different flavours.

“As a kid I had this idea of taking the concept of tiramisu, but eating it like ice-cream, with all the different flavours and eating it anywhere, not just at the end of a meal like you would normally, but just walking around with it at any time.”

Walkmisu is available 9am-5pm Tuesday to Sunday, unless it is raining, in which case the boxes have to be shut.

Having tiramisu on the go like ice cream is certainly proving popular.

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