Christmas sightings: Kayaking Claus and athletic St Nicks

It’s a busy time for Santa Claus, but he’s making time to feed some fish in San Francisco, kayak the frozen waters of Belarus and even chalk up a couple of marathons. (One way or another, Father Christmas has to work off those extra mince pies.)

Scuba Santa in San Francisco
The California Academy of Sciences launched its holiday festivities Thursday by having a scuba diver dressed as St. Nick submerge into a coral reef exhibit while dozens of children watched from behind the glass.

The “Scuba Santa” show runs through Christmas Day. It takes place during the morning feed at the Philippine Coral Reef tank at the San Francisco museum.

Volunteer diver George Bell donned his Santa suit, from hat to coal black boots, and scuba gear for a recent feed and fielded visitors’ questions from inside the tank.
The Philippine Coral Reef tank has thousands of reef fish representing about 100 species.
People can watch Santa’s appearance online by webcam .

The Santa race Venice

A sea of red bobble hats and white beards flooded the walkways of Venice for the 5th annual ‘Santa Claus Run’ though the waterlogged Italian city.

Seeing red in Madrid

One of the largest Santa Races in Europe takes place in the Spanish capital.

7000 athletic Saint Nicks took part in the 5 kilometre race along Madrid’s Paseo de la Castellana avenue.

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