The city where tourists are most likely to be rejected by an Airbnb host

When tourists try to book an Airbnb stay, hosts have 24 hours to respond to the customer’s booking.

While the majority of bookings are accepted, there’s always a chance the host could reject the application.

In this case, customers aren’t charged any money and will need to look for another place to stay.

According to new research from Forbes Advisor, there’s one European city where guests are most likely to be rejected by Airbnb hosts.

The German city has a 27 percent rejection rate meaning tourists could struggle to find a booking on the platform.

Cities where Airbnb guests are most likely to be rejected

  1. Munich
  2. Copenhagen
  3. Stockholm
  4. Oslo
  5. Geneva

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Munich, in Germany’s Bavarian region, was where tourists were most likely to be rejected for an Airbnb reservation.

While the city is usually busiest during the popular Oktoberfest season, it also draws crowds throughout the summer.

Tourists rate the city’s English Garden and the pretty square, Marienplatz, as some of its top attractions.

After Munich, Scandinavia dominated the list of cities with the highest number of Airbnb rejections.

Copenhagen had the pickiest hosts but over a quarter of bookings were also rejected in Stockholm.

At the other end of the scale, Seville in southern Spain had one of the platform’s highest acceptance rates with just five percent of bookings rejected.

Kevin Pratt, travel insurance expert at Forbes Advisor, said: “Airbnb is arguably now as popular as hotels, or other short term rentals when it comes to finding somewhere to stay on a holiday abroad.

“But, as our research reveals, Airbnb accommodation can be hard to come by – as well as expensive.”

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