Cheapest holiday destinations for Brits – full list of budget-friendly places to visit

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Inflation has risen to almost nine percent in the UK, forcing up the cost of everyday essentials such as food, petrol and household utility bills. But while you may think a summer holiday is near impossible to afford, current exchange rates mean that some sun-soaked destinations are working out far cheaper for British travellers. Here is a full list of the most budget-friendly holiday hotspots to consider if you’re looking to getaway.

Where are the cheapest places to go on holiday right now?

The UK’s currency is doing better than local cash in several parts of the world right now – even more so than rates seen before the coronavirus pandemic.

Tropical hotspots including Egypt, Turkey and even Spain are all seeing the value of Sterling soar against their own currencies, making travel even cheaper for sun-seeking Brits.

Whether you’re travelling solo, as a couple, or looking for a family-friendly getaway, there are plenty of popular destinations to choose from if you’re working on a smaller budget.


Already considered one of the most affordable holiday spots for British travellers, Turkey is now even cheaper to visit.

The value of Turkish lira has declined so significantly since the start of the pandemic that the British pound is now worth twice as much out there, according to data by No 1 Currency.


Another firm favourite for UK holidaymakers is Spain – one of several countries in the Eurozone.

Current exchange rates show that the pound has been made even more valuable in this nearby hotspot, making gains of nine percent, according to the Mirror.

In fact, the paper claimed that a family paying €2000 for a fortnight’s holiday in Spain will spend around £150 less than they would have done before the pandemic.


Another Eurozone hotspot worth checking out is France.

While this is often more expensive to travel to via the Eurostar, flying could be a cheaper option for a quick getaway.


While long-haul flights will invariably cost more, now is a good time to get the most for your money if you’re looking to visit the USA.

The pound has made considerable gains of seven percent in the United States, with some generous savings to be made while exploring.

In fact, £1000 exchanged into dollars will buy you about $90 more than you would get for your money last year.

Based on the current Sterling gain against other national currencies, these are the hottest countries which are cheaper for British travellers to visit right now.

  • Turkey (Turkish lira) – 161 percent Sterling gain
  • Sri Lanka (Sri Lankan rupee) – 107 percent Sterling gain
  • Argentina (Argentine peso) – 99 percent Sterling gain
  • Costa Rica (Costa Rica colon) – 27 percent Sterling gain
  • Egypt (Egyptian pound) – 24 percent Sterling gain
  • Jamaica (Jamaican dollar) – 23 percent Sterling gain
  • Kenya (Kenyan shilling) – 18 percent Sterling gain
  • Mauritius (Mauritian rupee) – 17 percent Sterling gain
  • Peru (Peruvian sol) – 13 percent Sterling gain
  • Thailand (Thai baht) – 12 percent Sterling gain
  • India (Indian Rupee) – 10 percent Sterling gain
  • Dominican Republic (Dominican peso) – 10 percent Sterling gain
  • Morocco (Moroccan dirham) – nine percent Sterling gain
  • Philippines (Philippine peso) – nine percent Sterling gain
  • Bulgaria (Bulgarian lev) – eight percent Sterling gain
  • Eurozone (Euro) – nine percent Sterling gain
  • Croatia (Croatian kuna) – eight percent Sterling gain
  • USA (US dollar) – seven percent Sterling gain
  • Always check travel guidance before travelling abroad.

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