Caravan and camping spot is ‘one of the best places in the world’ to watch dolphins

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Alex and Emma are the couple behind travel platform Travel Beans with 14k Instagram followers and an amazing 150,000 subscribers on their Youtube channel. During lockdown, they converted a campervan and have been travelling the UK.

Most recently the couple drove the North Coat 500 and found an amazing spot near Inverness for dolphin watching.

They also discussed a road trip location the couple were “blown away” by. 

They shared the details with Alex explained: “The drive follows the North Coast.

“So, basically we started in Inverness and we followed the coastal route, all the way around.

“Then you go back across Inverness but you don’t see the coast then time, you go through the mountains. The things you see on the route will blow your mind.”

The couple stopped at Chanonry Point and were wowed by dolphins. Alex said: “Just off Inverness is a place called Chanonry Point and it’s not just one of the best places in the UK but one of the best places in the world, to watch dolphins from the shore, so you don’t have to go on a boat.

“You get bottlenose dolphins just 30 metres away from you. You and see loads of seals.”

Chanonry Point is a narrow peninsula where dolphins chase fish in to hunt.

As the dolphins feed in the channel visitors can watch just metres away on a shingle beach.

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And it’s not the only nearby location for a chance to see amazing wildlife.

“Thirty minutes from there is Rogie Falls, where you can watch salmon jumping up the stream during salmon season.”

Emma said: “It was something out of a nature documentary.”

Alex said: “We saw hundreds of them jumping.”

Emma went on: “I mean it’s just a beautiful area anyway so even if it’s not salmon season is beautiful. But to see the salmon really topped it off.”

Rogie Falls, on the Black Water river, features various places to walk.

There is a salmon trail, a half a mile walk on which you can see salmon.

There is a whole host of wildlife in the region, including the UK’s only herd of reindeer.

The couple discovered the herd in the Cairngorms.

Alex told “The Cairngorms is a really underrated spot in the UK.”

The Cairngorms is two times the size of the Lake District and is the UK’s largest national park.

The reindeer were introduced to the region and now roam semi-wild there.

Emma said: “It is really lovely they’ve got reindeer there. You can go and see reindeer and they are gorgeous.”

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