Cambridge: The foodie’s guide

Eating your way around Cambridge is a difficult business.

The Waikato town is so over-endowed with culinary offerings, a person would need several days or a second stomach to comprehensively tackle the task.

So serious food-hunters need to start early and shoulder their way past the hefty oak and elm trees on the leafy edge of Victoria Square to find the Saturday morning farmer’s market.

On a clear winter’s morning, a plucky musician sits and sings while shoppers stamp cold feet, warming their hands with the resident barista’s offerings. The guitarist is ringed by stalls offering smoked salmon and fresh ricotta cheese, inky black ribbons of pasta, free-range eggs, and paper bags full of locally dug potatoes, as well as gloriously crusty sourdough and almond-covered croissants. The bread and pastries are made in Hamilton by clever Volare bakers; they also supply a small shop in downtown Cambridge for those who suddenly realise they really do need that extra chocolate chip biscuit made with ground almonds. The bakery also stocks bags of wickedly indulgent macadamia nut muesli, made in nearby Ōhaupō.

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