Brits warned not to drink hotel tap water in any country post-pandemic

When jetting off abroad most of us know to check whether the tap water is safe to consume or whether bottled is safer.

Some countries like the US, Morocco and Brazil have tap water which may make you feel unwell if you drink it at your hotel while others, like Switzerland and Singapore, are safe.

But, recently, tourists were warned not to drink hotel tap water wherever you are in the world – even in the UK.

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The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) – which tests, inspects and certifies products and is based in the US – stated that after several years with little or no use bacteria may have developed in the pipes leading to hotel rooms.

Jérôme Logie, from the Water Division at NSF warned that water supplies and pipes were now a risk to tourists when they may not have been pre-pandemic.

He noted that while it’s very important to stay hydrated on holiday – especially in hot countries – it’s better to choose a safe drinking water source, reports the Sun.

Jérôme commented: “After such an extended period with low to no travel, hotels and their water supplies now pose a significant risk to travellers, something many aren’t aware of.

“Water and good hydration are essential, but there is a real risk from potentially lethal bacteria that can thrive in stagnant water, such as in unused hotel pipes.

“Add to that a build-up of germs and varying international standards of filtration, and you can see why travellers must be water-smart to ensure they can enjoy prettier sights than their hotel bathroom.”

The NSF claimed that water marked hot in canisters and from breakfast bars may be safe as many hotels heat the water to a high temperature to kill any microbes.

So you can still enjoy your morning cuppa.

You should avoid drinking from the tap in your hotel bathroom or from water fountains however.

They stated that you should also say no to tap water in restaurants and instead ask for bottles – while more expensive it might save you from discomfort later on.

And, the NSF also said that cloudy water should never be drunk as this indicates the water is tainted whether with bacteria or minerals.

If you want to bring your own water bottle and use free tap water then perhaps invest in some water purification tablets or a filter bottle.


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