Best holiday destination for every month of the year – from Thailand to Brazil

Planning a holiday can be lots of fun, but it could also be stressful and a tricky. One of the first, and biggest, hurdles is deciding where you want to go.

There are endless factors to consider when deciding on your destination. Perhaps you want the cheap beers of Benidorm, the historical sites of Athens or the party vibes of Cancun.

But, if what you generally want is an interesting hotspot with great weather and plenty of sunshine then it could be the perfect location for you depends on which month of the year you’re travelling in.

READ MORE: 'I ditched the UK for country with 88p pints, sun, cheap rent and extreme strippers' has calculated where the very best destinations are for holidaymakers in each month of the year.

It considered multiple factors like number of sunshine hours, minimum and maximum daily temperatures, average precipitation (rainfall), whether it’s the tourist high season and the average daily cost.

Using the calculation it recommended the best hotspot for you to book from January to December. Hopefully, it might make your holiday planning a little less stressful.


For January, if you’re looking to escape the cold, the study suggested heading to Bangkok, Thailand. This Asian paradise hits highs of 32C in the winter months and get very little rain and plenty of sun.

The average daily cost was just £47.55 a day meaning it’s a great deal once you’ve shelled out for plane tickets. There’s plenty to do there too from visiting grand temples and palaces to shopping at the thousands of stalls at local markets and dining on street food.

In late January the Lunar New Year is celebrated in Bangkok’s Chinatown with huge food galas, lion dances, dragons and a carnival-like spirit. To relax afterwards you can get a cheap Thai massage or head to the beaches within an hour or twos drive.


Those wanting to jet off a month later in February should apparently choose Mexico City. The average maximum temperature is 22.9°C and it is also Mexico's low season, so not only can tourists enjoy the brighter days but they can also appreciate the quieter attractions.

There are famous museums like the Frida Kahlo Museum and the national anthropology museum, plus palaces, monuments and the gorge stained glass Gran Hotel Ciudad de Mexico. Plus, you can get stuck into tacos, agua fresca, burritos, tamales and more whether at street food vendors or in restaurants.

The average daily cost for Mexico City is £87.96 so you won’t break the bank on a holiday especially as hotels are cheaper in the low season.


In March, it seems the perfect holiday destination is Cape Town, South Africa. You’re looking at lovely sunny days ranging from 14°C to 25°C which in springtime is nice and mild.

Tourists will enjoy the quieter and the average cost per day is just £63. In Cape Town you’re right on the coast so you can enjoy the gorgeous blue ocean, golden sand and boat rides from the harbour.

Holidaymakers can also spot the imposing Table Mountain famous for its dramatic shape and even head over to Robin Island – the prison that once held Nelson Mandela and is now a museum. There are vibrant neighbourhoods, pretty coastal bays, plenty of surfing opportunities and even wine estates.


In April, the study suggested you fly out to Asia and get stuck into the twinkling city of Tokyo, Japan. The high-tech Capital experiences weather cooler than some hotspots but still with highs of 18°C. Plus, in April, the cherry blossoms of Sakura season are in bloom painting the city in pink!

You’ll see plenty of the blooming trees around rivers, traditional temples and parks. Plus snacks, drinks, tasting menus and baked items all themed around the pretty pale pink blossoms.

On top of it being the perfect season for Tokyo, you can get stuck into Japan’s many unusual eateries from cafes where you’re surrounded by cats and dogs to robot restaurants and even a dining option where you catch your own fish to eat (that’s Zauo Shinjuki if you’re interested).

Tokyo can be expensive with an average daily cost of £103. But, surely, it’s worth it for the sushi alone!


Towards the end of spring, the research tipped New York City as the place to be. The US city can reach a pleasant 21°C at this time of year and of course has thousands of things to do.

You can stroll through Central Park in the mild weather and see some of some of the locations from your favourite films and TV shows like Friends. Or, if it does start to drizzle, head to Fifth Avenue and shop until you drop.

The 256.6 hours of sunlight makes it possible for tourists to visit all their favourite attractions and see the sun setting over the famous skyline of the city. The average daily cost for a stay in New York City is £154 – so at the higher end.


Now, we’re getting towards summer when many of us are desperate to go on holiday. While Spain and Turkey are popular at this time of year there are other hotspots that might be better for the time of year.

The study claims that June is the best month to visit Copenhagen in Denmark. In the summertime, it gets an incredible amount of sunshine – 260 average hours – and the low season means you can enjoy the man-made beaches, scenic canals, and the Tivoli Gardens without the crowds.

The temperatures are low, but not as cold as in winter with highs reaching between 11°C and 19°C. There is some rain due to being on the North Sea, but it’s worth it to explore this Scandinavian hotspot – from the Little Mermaid statue to the Botanical Garden and palaces.

The average cost of a day in Copenhagen is also £154. But, did we mention you can stay in a converted houseboat?


Another popular month, July is the peak of British holiday season – and it looks like the perfect holiday destination is in South America. Medellin in Colombia is a tropical environment with a fair amount of rainfall in July (it's warm rain though!)

However, the highs of up to 27.6°C mean there's still plenty of sun and warmth to make the most of this incredible destination. Medellin is very cheap with an average daily cost of £44. Plus there museums, sculptures, museums, parks and conservation areas to explore.

You can go and see monkeys, biplane across the countryside and stare out at the incredible, tropical landscape. Colombia is also very well known for its food and coffee – so chow down on delicious arepas (cornmeal cakes stuffed with tasty meat and vegetables) and sip on the best espresso of your life.


If you’re looking for a late summer holiday then Rio de Janeiro is apparently your ideal spot. It’s the low season there, but the weather reaches temperatures of up to 25.6°C – not too hot and not too cold.

The weather is perfect for heading to the beach of which Brazil is rarely outmatched. The city’s most famous beach Copacabana is the perfect setting for tourists with a stunning backdrop of Sugarloaf Mountain. You can sip on Brazil’s famous Caipirinha cocktails and wear your tiniest bikini.

The city also has one of the Wonders of the World – Christ the Redeemer and incredible nature at Tijuca National Park or the Botanical Garden.

The average daily cost in Rio is £78.51 so you’ll have cash left over to dine on Brazilian barbecue and the country’s famous fried bar snacks.


According to the study, Paris, in France, is best for early Autumn. The lower, yet warm temperatures in Paris in September makes it a great time to visit as tourists can make their way through their sight-seeing itinerary without struggling in the heat. It hits highs of 20.8°C and lows of 12.5°C.

The average daily cost of £130 is still fairly high but you’ll save on plane tickets jetting over to nearby France. In September it’s low season so there shouldn’t be too many crowds and there’s also lots to do.

You can enjoy famous Parisian hot chocolate, steak frites and croissants. Or head to the Louvre, the Sacre Coeur or Notre Dame.


If you’re looking at trips in October, the study suggests you head to the warmer city of Barcelona. Another cheaper option Spain’s gorgeous city is bursting with things to do.

The average cost is £121 and you can spend the day on the nearby beaches or head to the Sagrada Familia. Plus, hunker down to eat tapas and sip on sangria.

The average high is 22°C. So it should still be super sunny at the end of the year.


When it gets back into winter, the study suggests heading down under. Summer on the opposite part of the planet actually happens during our winter months.

So, Sydney, Australia, is the optimal choice. With temperatures of between 16.3°C and 23.8°C it’s stunning and you can head straight to the beach.

Plus, the Australian city is still very much in its low season which means lower prices, minimal crowds and no queues for attractions.


While many countries are enduring the peak of their winters, the sun is still beaming down on the city of Dubai in the last month of the year. With temperatures cooler at this time of year, it makes it a prime time to visit as the summer months can be unbearably hot for tourists.

In wintertime city reaches highs of 26.2°C. So you can still enjoy the beach clubs, was and views.

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