Seven ways to get the ‘best possible’ holiday deal as travel list scrapped today

International travel ‘isn’t dangerous’ says TUI’s Andrew Flintham

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But while prices are set to rise, there are a few steps British tourists can take to save money booking a holiday. 

Fly by night

One of the best ways to save money on a holiday abroad is to be prepared to fly at unpopular times.

Booking a night flight could save British families money as demand is usually lower than in the day.

Flexibility could snatch British tourists a holiday bargain as a weekday flight is also normally cheaper than weekend travel.

For travellers that can stomach an early morning start, flying before 8am can also save money on a holiday.

Avoid peak travel times

James Andrews, senior personal finance editor at said: “Due to the surge in demand from families, prices are always more expensive during school holidays, so if you can travel outside them, a trip in June or September should offer you better deals but with similar weather conditions.”

Travelling outside of the school holidays is a good option for those going away without children.

Hotspot destinations like Turkey can reach high temperatures even in October so are a fantastic choice for winter sun.

Research for deals

For families who will need to travel during holidays, James recommends doing some research for deals.

He told “If you do have children of a school age and are unable to book a holiday during the term-time, then be sure to research the kinds of ‘free kids places’ available through such holiday providers as TUI, Thomas Cook, First Choice and”

Check insurance coverage

After the last 18 months, British tourists should also ensure they have good insurance for any eventuality.

It’s important to check if flights and hotels will be refunded if travelling to the destination becomes difficult due to pandemic restrictions.

Many companies will allow bookings to be moved to a later date if travelling becomes an issue.

Exchange currency ahead of time

Exchanging foreign currency ahead of time is another way to save money on a pricey trip overseas.

Currency rates at the airport are generally much less favourable than online or at a high street alternative.

Preparing by ordering ahead of time can also help British travellers avoid a panicked rush at the airport.

Click and collect currency

If it’s a last minute break, tourists can click and collect their currency which normally offers better exchange rates.

Travel currency cards are another great way to save money and also avoids relying on cash if venues are card only.

Try a currency card

A currency card will allow a British tourist to withdraw money from a cash machine abroad at no extra cost.

All British tourists should check the latest Government advice for the UK and their destination before travelling.

From October 4, British tourists no longer have to take a pre-departure test before arrival in the UK from a ‘rest of world’ destination.

Double-vaccinated Britons will still need to take a PCR test on or before day two after arrival. The date for switching from PCR to lateral flow tests has yet to be announced. 

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