Bear goes through 8 unlocked cars in search of food near Estes Park

Bears apparently have got a handle on opening car doors, at least one clever bear near Estes Park does.

A Colorado Parks and Wildlife officer worked through the night Friday and said he observed a bear get into eight unlocked doors, according to a CPW Facebook post.

Based on muddy paw prints seen on other vehicles, the bear tried to open several other cars, but they were locked (they haven’t figured that out yet).

Colorado Parks and Wildlife said not all the cars had food in them, but they said some bears go from car to car just to see if they’re unlocked–then hope to find food.

CPWS said the owners of the unlocked vehicles were extremely fortunate the bear didn’t total their vehicles. But wildlife officers said the bear unfortunately did score some food during its car trespassing spree, which they say only encourages this sort of unnatural and unsustainable behavior.

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